ubuntu-us-nj Knowlege Base?

Christopher Ingram chris at christopheringram.com
Sun Jun 17 03:01:18 BST 2007

(Note: This is being sent to both CHLUG and Ubu LoCo lists. Those of  
us subscribed to both, please be mindful of where replies go. Really  
this is more for the CHLUG group, but there are some idle LoCo  
members who could have an easy way to start contributing.)

The idea of a Linux and/or open source knowledge base has just sprung  
into my head.

Yes yes, all the information is out there already, and there are  
various help sites, mailing list, and documentation libraries.  
However, LUG members are (likely) speaking to others and trying to  
convert their peers. LoCo members are definitely supposed to be doing  
this. That will likely mean a lot of the same or similar questions.

So, would it be a good idea to keep a knowledge base going for these  
types of things? Perhaps a more accommodating workspace and KB?  
Ideally bug workarounds and such should be submitted upstream, and  
any troubleshooting should go into the app or distro's  
troubleshooting docs if possible, but it may be a good idea for us to  
collaborate on solutions (which we do), replicate problems and test  
the solution (which we probably don't do), and generally solve the  
problem permanently and let the appropriate individuals know (which I  
hope we do.)

We can do this without a KB, but for us to have a preserved copy of  
what went down, file attachments, and such which we may or may not  
want to leave lying around a mailing list, well, that could be a  
boon. If you like, consider a distributed NJ local computer lab ;)

Good? Too much? Not worth the trouble?

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