ubuntu-us-nj BBQ plans

Christina Eater christina.eater at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 18:04:31 BST 2007

Hey Brian (and list!),

We do, in fact, have a pretty good game plan together: Joe even made
us a sign-up form (http://nj.ubuntu-us.org/node/7) so we'll have a
record of who's definitely coming, what they're bringing, and how to
contact them if something changes.
Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, August 11
Location: Cherry Hill

So far, you guys have promised:
Dave: Plates, utensils, napkins, a dessert
Joe: Ribs
Jim: Rolls and bread-type things
Christina: (Veggie or pasta or potato or fruit) salad(s)
Bryan: Brownies!

Which leaves the following:
Beverages, cups, ice: might be easiest if everyone just brings a case
or a couple 2-liters (or the equivalent) of something they like. I can
get cups and ice. I don't have a cooler so someone (or sometwo or
somethree) will need to volunteer one or we will have very warm

Burgers and/or hot dogs? Corn on the cob? We have a grill, and we'll
make sure to have fuel if there will be food to cook on it.

There's a Wegmans, an Acme, and a Genuardi's all within 5 minutes, so
last-minute needs can be easily met.

So, go sign up, people! I'll announce the official head count on or
around the 4th so everyone has a week to get their food together, but
that means you need to RSVP before then :)



On 7/24/07, Bryan Quigley <gquigs at gmail.com> wrote:
> So I missed last week's meeting and it looks like I'm going to miss this
> week's meeting as well.  Did we end up getting anything finalized?

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