ubuntu-us-nj BBQ plans

Bryan Quigley gquigs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 17:47:21 BST 2007

> Let's select a date that the poll will close.  How about this Friday,
> July 13th?


If we collect the zip codes, I'll take responsibility for plotting them.

My zip is 08002

> 3. What kind of food would you want to eat?

I call brownies (making and consuming)... and what else do we want?

> 4. What kind of fun would you like to have? [...] I'm completely open
> >    to suggestions, but think about things that don't require us to lug
> >    our computers around.
> If we're don't all need to install the same software on our computers, I
> think the rule for having fun is simple: everyone brings things they
> think are fun and then tries to persuade other people to play with them.
> For example, I'd bring a Frisbee, two decks of cards, some juggling
> equipment, and maybe a super-soaker.

It really does depend on where we go, what they have there, and home many
people are coming.
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