ubuntu-us-nj BBQ plans

Christina Eater christina.eater at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 23:00:30 BST 2007

Hey guys, since there's no meeting I know you're wondering how to fill
the sudden emptiness in your Tuesday evening :) Why not spend it
considering these questions about our upcoming event? Keep in mind
that everyone on the team's invited, and it's backyard barbecue style.

1. When are you available? I think this will be Saturday 8/11, but go
to http://www.doodle.ch/dpSysEyZVP3T (courtesy of Dave) to put in your
two cents.

2. Where would you like to have it? Bert suggested his backyard/nearby
park in New Brunswick, and Joe volunteered his backyard/nearby park in
Cherry Hill. I want a place that has outdoor space where we can grill
and stay all day if we want to.

3. What kind of food would you want to eat? Examples include burgers,
pizza, chips or other snacks, corn or other veggies, cake or other
desserts, drinks. If you can bring it, even better. (Jim has offered
to provide free rolls; thanks Jim!)

4. What kind of fun would you like to have? For example, volleyball,
poker, pin-the-beak-on-the-penguin. I'm completely open to
suggestions, but think about things that don't require us to lug our
computers around.

Also, start taking stock: I might be asking you to bring lawn chairs
and coolers if you've got 'em :)


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