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> On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 02:14:13PM -0400, Joseph
> Terranova wrote:
> > I'm also for having a sprint, as the summer
> doesn't seem like that
> > most useful time to hold advocacy events. 
> We could go advocate at the shore. :-)
> More seriously, and longer term, I've been thinking
> about something
> Kevin Valentine said at the InstallFest: that the
> Philly LoCo did a
> whole lot of advocacy in a short amount of time and
> recently decided
> to take a break to recover. In short (my words),
> they temporarily
> burned out.

Dave, thanks for reminding me, here's the actual

Originally Posted by jedijf 
A laid back BBQ / Picnic event can help the recent
relationships created develop into full blown active
membership; hopefully.

If we run too quickly from event to event without
membership growth, we end being event promoters, not
community builders.

> Successful advocacy naturally leads to attempting
> more advocacy, but
> advocacy is hard, and if the reward for success is
> always more hard
> work, we ultimately guarantee burn-out.
> I proposed this event because I think it is
> important that we stagger
> advocacy and ``fun'' events.  The purpose of this
> event is to share
> food, share knowledge, and general enjoy the company
> of our peers.  It
> is a reward for having a successful InstallFest and
> a positive platform
> from which we'll prepare ourselves for our next
> advocacy event.

Software Freedom Day is only a little over 2 months
NJ's own event or the support of Dave speaking at
PACS, would require that much preparation to make it a
success.  Setting up demo's, being familiar with all
the Opencd software on /that/ platform in order to
demo it properly, and promotion of the actual event
require at least that much lead time.  The NJ lugs all
have things going on also, meetings, baseball outings,
and people do need recuperation time.
> > When would you want to have the sprint?
> Scheduling by email is, in my opinion, horribly
> inefficient.  I created a
> replacement poll:
> 	http://www.doodle.ch/dpSysEyZVP3T
> -Dave
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Maybe more will develop after the CHLUG newbie meeting
and the princeton meeting and baseball outing.

My office is available during the week between 5pm and
10pm and anytime on the weekends.  It's in
Cinnaminson, so we are creeping north.

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