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Jim Fisher wrote:
> The State of NJ breaks the state into 3 separate zones
> for contracts.
> That breakdown may help the LoCo establish working
> 'Regions' throughout the state, once the membership in
> each region is self-supporting.
> The regional breakdown by the state is as follows:
> Bergen County                    Morris County        
>              Union County
> Essex County                     Passaic County       
>              Warren County
> Hudson County                    Sussex County
> Burlington County                Middlesex County     
>              Ocean County
> Hunterdon County                 Monmouth County      
>              Somerset County
> Mercer County
> Atlantic County                  Cape May County      
>              Gloucester County                Camden
> County Cumberland County                Salem County
> One day, hopefully soon, we will have activity
> throughout the state and have to go to the region
> approach.  The next step may be two regions - North
> and South.  
> jim fisher
> ]edijf
> irc freenode  #ubuntu-pennsylvania
> "Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'"
>   --  Jedi Master Yoda 
I had the same idea but the problem is the amount of active users we
have right now, and to split those people in to the regions makes it
even harder to get some things going.
I don't know where the active members live and maybe they are scattered
throughout the state or maybe the majority lives in the same region.

Looking at the list of approved teams there are teams that have a larger
geographical area to cover then(Uh, is it then, than or as??) New Jersey
like Japan, India, Austria, Germany just to name a few.

You need a "business plan" to get things started, if you don't know what
 you want and how you want to do it, it doesn't really matter where
people live. We have around 60 members and who knows if they see what
the group is planning to do they do want to become more active.


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