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On Tue Aug 28, 2007 at 11:26:52AM -0400, David A. Harding wrote:
> How does the Utah team deal with similar problems? For example, how do
> you have meetings that include people from both the Wasatch Front and
> St. George[1] regions? (Or even just people from Ogden and Provo?[2])
>         (For my New Jersey collegues)
>         [1] The Wasatch Front region, which contains Salt Lake City, is
>             about as far from St. George as Cherry Hill is from
>             Washington D.C.
>         [2] Ogden and Provo are about 80 miles apart. If you draw a
>             (very crooked) line between those two cities, Salt Lake City
>             (SLC) is roughly in the middle of the line. So, Ogden,
>             SLC, and Provo roughly correspond to New Brunswick, Trenton,
>             and Cherry Hill.
> Thanks again,
> -Dave

You've got a valid question in geographic meeting problems.  I think, in
Utah, we've been pretty lucky in that we're not a huge state and most
everyone can 'meet in the middle' in SLC.  We've long had our meetings in
SLC and have people show up from Ogden to Provo and even as south as

St. George of course is a different issue, but right now there are only 1-2
active users down there any way.  We're working on building them up more to
have 'sattelite' meets, to use some buzzwords.

I think the longest it takes anyone to get to a meet is 45min but most of
us think its worth it.  A few hours to hang out with friends and get some
free Linux instruction is worth a bit of a drive.  A few hours is of course
a different story.

In larger states like Texas, California, etc its harder to have meets with
everyone, but its still not a bad idea to schedule meets where the bulk of
the people are.  I'm a big advocate of having regular meetings as you can
tell.  Try to find the best centralized, or a few centralized locations for
meetings.  Educating the members of the group and improving their Linux
skill is always one of my priorities.

You can generally access to rooms at the library, public places,
parks--Colorado meets in the basement of a bar that was volunteered.
That'll work but *could* cause issues with some users or young users.
...Just things to think about.

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