ubuntu-us-nj Software Freedom Day, ie September's Event

Christina Eater christina.eater at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 07:03:29 BST 2007

Less-than-brilliant event ideas for probably not the 15th:

A knitting bee: get all our available grandmothers (and other
needlework-inclined folks) in one place, and take advantage of the
captive audience (social circle -> networking -> Internet -> Ubuntu!);

A beach party: everyone (almost) likes the shore. Rent a meeting room
walking distance from a nice beach, and advertise it as a
fun-in-the-sun and Ubuntu-in-the-shade-with-the-AC;

A pledge drive: come up with some ridiculous (read: embarrassing)
challenge we'll compete in, and we each recruit at least one friend to
watch--but they have to agree to take a Live CD and try out Ubuntu.

Hey, I never claimed to be brilliant. :D Maybe they'll inspire someone
else, though.


On 8/26/07, Joe Terranova <joeterranova at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey People,
> Last time we met, we had decided to have an event in September --
> either on September 3rd, for the Cherry Hill Tri-State computer show,
> or on September 15th, at one of the South Jersey Farmer's Markets.
> The manager for Tri-State has apparently died, as no one's answered my
> emails, and their phone rings off the hook; in other words, I don't
> think the Cherry Hill Fair is an option (i would have emailed earlier
> if it was), though I will stop by to see how I /should/ contact them
> in the future. Therefore, we're looking at an event on the 15th, which
> is also Software Freedom Day. At this point, I'd like to offer 4
> options:
> 1) Get a table at one of the Farmer's Markets on the 15th
> 2) Go with the PA for their PACS event on the 15th, and do the
> farmer's market later in the month.
> 3) Skip the farmer's market, go to PA's PACS event.
> 4) An amazingly brilliant idea that I hadn't thought of, because I'm
> not all that amazingly brilliant most of the time.
> My order of preference is 4,2,1,3. Let me know your thoughts. If we
> didn't do farmer's market on the 15th, I'd be looking at the next
> Saturday, which would be the 22nd.
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