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Bryan Quigley wrote:
> Aside from the goals on the website:
> http://nj.ubuntu-us.org/
> We generally just will help to promote the use of Free Software
> anywhere.  Particularly, we believe that Ubuntu is the best way to get
> it in as many places as possible.  I don't think we as a group have any
> "specific" goals.  However I am open to that idea.  It might make us all
> feel like we accomplished more if we got to our goal.
> How have you been using Ubuntu / Free Software?
> -Bryan

I started with Ubuntu on my laptop at home, I tried Fedora but didn't
get it to work quickly and I needed a Linux quickly to help me with my
job back then.
I have been looking at other distro's since then but I tend to stick
with Ubuntu as I have it setup pretty much as I like.

At the moment I'm a stay-home-dad but I have been a Systems
Administrator for 6 years or something with Unix/Linux, before that I
was a Novell Netware SA for 7 years. During the Linux time I started
focusing on Free software, not just Linux but Windows as well. I started
using Openoffice instead of Mickeysoft, Firefox, Thunderbird teh usual
stuff I guess. On Unix/Linux everything was OpenSourced, I only used
three packages in my carreer that weren't Opensource, two were backup
software and one was HP Openview.

So mostly I've been using Unix/Linux in a server-side environment. And
all Linux distro's used were RPM based, Fedora, Redhat, CentOS and
Mandriva. I've been setting up network related servers (DNS, DHCP,
Proxies), application servers (MySQL, Batch processing in Perl and Bash)
and Webservers (Apache 2, ModPerl)

With specific goals I was thinking of helping of non-profit
organizations to make a transition from Windows to Ubuntu for the
desktop and/or the servers.


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