ubuntu-us-nj Software Freedom Day, ie September's Event

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 19:54:27 BST 2007

Hey People,

Last time we met, we had decided to have an event in September --
either on September 3rd, for the Cherry Hill Tri-State computer show,
or on September 15th, at one of the South Jersey Farmer's Markets.

The manager for Tri-State has apparently died, as no one's answered my
emails, and their phone rings off the hook; in other words, I don't
think the Cherry Hill Fair is an option (i would have emailed earlier
if it was), though I will stop by to see how I /should/ contact them
in the future. Therefore, we're looking at an event on the 15th, which
is also Software Freedom Day. At this point, I'd like to offer 4

1) Get a table at one of the Farmer's Markets on the 15th
2) Go with the PA for their PACS event on the 15th, and do the
farmer's market later in the month.
3) Skip the farmer's market, go to PA's PACS event.
4) An amazingly brilliant idea that I hadn't thought of, because I'm
not all that amazingly brilliant most of the time.

My order of preference is 4,2,1,3. Let me know your thoughts. If we
didn't do farmer's market on the 15th, I'd be looking at the next
Saturday, which would be the 22nd.

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