[NH LoCo] Simple help with Serial connection

Cal Grandy cmgfam at comcast.net
Wed May 20 17:55:31 BST 2009

May I call on this group for assistance with setting the serial port ?  There is a flat bed pen plotter that is connected to ttyS1 from time to time, and it wants 2400 baud, parity, even, 7 data bits, one stop bit.  
On line reading goes over my top with programming, scripting modems protocols for remote terminals etc. etc. and much more. Too much more! Perhaps there is a simple reference,  but I didn't find it. (The Linux help page went too far too fast)   What is wanted is just the key strokes for the command line in the terminal accessory.  The program goes to the plotter as copied files from a terminal anyway.   (cp /path/path/file_name /dev/ttyS1 \n.)

IIRC, I used something like, " setserial -F /dev/ttyS1 2400,e,7,1,"  though I would like to be 100% sure.of what settings are entered. Order and comma requirements I suppose.

stty -a /dev/ttyS1 returned more than I can really absorb.   

I have looked at the setserial man pages, and remain uncertain still,. even as I have been able to communicate with the device after setting the proper speed, but ...  a simple introduction to the required syntax would help.  At this point, KISS is my operation mode.


Cal Grandy  
just getting started in  S.Vt.

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