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Ethan Anderson ethana2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 05:00:12 BST 2009

Seeing what happened to the jam I was kind of planning for this ubuntu
alpha, I have decided that my strategy going forward will be to recruit
enough students from my fall Java class to make an Ubuntu student
organization as a subchapter of Ubuntu-us-ne, and use it to help secure
somewhat of a regular venue on the UNO campus.  If we can have some kind of
room we can count on every month or every two weeks or something, we should
be able to start pulling in ever more attendees.  Also, having a student
organization should allow for free advertising to fellow students in and
around the Milo Bail student center.  Depending on how well that goes I'll
investigate helping my UNL-attending friends replicate such a setup in
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