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I am not too familiar with an OLPC but I found this info: 


Did you install Network Manager and is your wireless network encrypted?

I wish you well on your writing projects!


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I missed this before. The OLPC has 256 of RAM. Rest of the specs are here: http://wiki.laptop.org/wiki/Hardware_specification

I did get Xubuntu installed, but can't get the networking to work. Won't have time to mess with it anymore before May 3, because I'll be going into "crap, I have a lot of papers to write" mode for the next two weeks. :)

I have Hardy Heron already running on my laptop, could still add the Edubuntu packages. 


On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 8:41 PM, Matt Micek <mmicekfremontubuntu at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello All,

Karin: I just installed Xubuntu on a real old system with about 32mb ram.  It took about 5 hours. It was grueling.  But in the end it worked!
The elderly lady lady loves it with for her card games too.

You need the alternative ISO to install. The Main live Cd does not work. The installation has to drop into a low memory mode. Which is rather cool. What does the OLPC have as far as hardware?

For the 3rd, I will be burning a few Ubunto Studio DVD's and Hardy Cd's too.


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