ubuntu-us-ne Hello!

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at cox.net
Sat Apr 5 14:58:53 BST 2008

On Saturday 05 April 2008 07:40:18 Matt Micek wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I have just joined the Nebraska Ubuntu group and wish to introduce myself.
> launchpad homepage:
> https://launchpad.net/~mmicekfremontubuntu
> I have been working with Ubuntu and Open Source for several years. It has
> been rather lonely in the Fremont area!  It is good to get involved in some
> way and to hear there are others in the area! I really do not have a lot
> free time any more. However, I would like to help in any way I can.

Hi Matt, 
Welcome aboard!  I don't know if you were on the list earlier this week, but 
we've got a release party scheduled for May 3rd, and we're helping OLUG with 
their installfest on May 17th.   I'll have info on the Wiki page later today. 

Could you put up a couple of flyers for me if I emailed them to you?  If you 
are interested, please send me you address off-list to 
dthacker at bluestrain.net. 

Other things you could do to help:
-Help out with the 5-A-Day Project(1)
-Help us do a "Demo Day" in Fremont
-Ask other users you've helped to join our mailing list and irc channel
-Put Ubuntu Nebraska Loco Team on your forum signature, so others will be able 
to find us. 
-Help maintain the wiki
-Moderate our Forum pages (coming soon)

> When the opportunity presents itself, I have been setting up and promoting
> Ubuntu systems in the Fremont area. Not many though.  I do build my own
> systems and I am able to provide some hardware support.

Great.  I hope to see you in our irc channel at #ubuntu-us-ne on freenode and 
maybe see you at an event next month.  

Dave Thacker
Admin, Ubuntu Nebraska Local Team

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