ubuntu-us-ne Nebraska LoCo Schedule

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at cox.net
Wed Jan 31 06:00:18 GMT 2007

-I'm proposing a our first real live face to face meeting on Tuesday, February 
23rd, 7:00pm at the Starbucks at 114th and Dodge.   Suggestions for 
alternative dates and locations are welcome, but let's get the date set in 
the next week or so.  

-Ideas for events over the next few months.
   -March Live meeting in Lincoln
   -mini installfest?
   -Feisty Release Party?
   -Ubuntu Demo Day?
   -Herd 3 Testing

Anything else?   Please post it to the list?  Want to help?  Grab an idea and 
and start planning on the list.   

Dave Thacker
Admin, Ubuntu Nebraska Local Community Team

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