[ubuntu-us-nc] Ubuntu Network boot - Kernel and NFS root config

Michael Peterson sgiomlaireachd at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 17:06:25 BST 2010


I am posting this because I need a bit of guidance. I am not new to setting
up services for network booting like pxelinux, the TFTP server, and NFS
server. But what I do need some help with is setting up a kernel whether it
has all the need drives and goodies built in or uses a ram disk ( I believe
when i was reading something in one of the wiki pages about network booting
the recommend the use of the ram disk for modules so you did not have to
recompile the kernel). And then I am not sure how to setup the NFS root
environment so that I can added addition programs and scripts for the client
to start-up and execute. An example of a program would be like the link2 web
browser to run at start-up in a frame-buffed console. I would like to avoid
the x system to simplify configuration for a hardware independent setup.
Also the thin client does not require user authentication, although support
for authentication so some various administrative things could be done from
the thin-client would be cool.

The purpose of this thin-client is to support the re-syncing of the local
drive from and image on the server using a variety of open source tools and
some scripts. This is an article from the Linux Journal on what I am trying
to replicate.

You can email me directly or use the mailing list if you want other people
to see.

Thanks for the help.

Mike - Sgiomlaireachd
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