[ubuntu-us-nc] Meeting Report for Feb 2

J Mark Cox markthecarp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 02:03:03 GMT 2010

Hi Y'all

We decided a few things last Tuesday. You should have been there; in the
IRC channel for the meeting. 

What did we decide? I am so glad you asked that.

Well we settled on some team leads as described in this wiki page...


We also discussed meeting days and times. Amber had a poll up that only
had 10 hits and one in the IRC channel. After two votes we decided to go
to Thursdays at 7:00pm, that will be first and third Thursday.

So beginning with the March meetings we will meet on the first and third
Thursdays of the month. If this does not suit you then you should have
replied to the poll or been at the meeting. [period]

The meeting report page can be found at...


People IRC is relatively easy. We have over 120 subscribers to this
mailing list. And we have 7-10 show up for IRC meetings.

I can only assume...well don't assume.

Wake UP! 

Participate or stagnate, your choice.


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