[ubuntu-us-nc] using network-admin while connected via vnc?

Mark Kempster mark at kempster.org
Thu Mar 5 21:28:45 GMT 2009

Thanks for the options.

I was able to ssh to the machine in the closet and manually muck with
/etc/resolv.conf to get over today's problem. I guess now I have to
shmuck with Gnome settings so that my changes don't get blasted by the
UI doodad.

Either that, or I'll play the lazy card and schedule some face-time
with that server in the closet next week...


On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 3:26 PM, markthecarp <markthecarp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mark Kempster wrote:
>> I'm faced with having a headless ubuntu desktop (acting like a server)
>> in a locked closet, that needs some /etc/resolv.conf modifications.
>> However, it states in that file "generated by NetworkManager, do not
>> edit!". Ok, easy enough.
>> I start up a vnc session, and login to the desktop. I can do System >
>> Administration > Network and see the manually-entered info that I need
>> to change. Everything's disabled, including the 'unlock' button.
>> I'm set up as an administrator on the system. Running 'sudo
>> network-manage' didn't seem to change things.
>> Is this something that must be done sitting physically at the machine?
>> What are the options of doing it remotely? I'm not quite brave enough
>> to go noodling around in the config files that back the gnome system
>> tools.
>> Thanks
>> Mark
> Hi Mark,
> Ah, another Mark ;) I've experienced this, I believe it's some gnome
> problem. I never did track down exactly what caused it for me.
> Two things you can try: create a new user and give that user admin
> privileges then log in as that user.
> Second thing, this is what I did, from a console or ssh login make a
> cludge directory. Move all ~/.gnome* and ~/.gconf* to this directory and
> then restart gnome or in your case start a new VNC session. Gnome will
> write new directories replacing the offending file. Now for fun remove
> and replace by restarting gnome one at a time or pull the old ones back
> one at a time. For me that wasn't worth the effort.
> If you are using Gnome on the desktop machine accessing the closet
> machine you can use the Places > Connect to Server dialog to open a
> Nautilus ssh session. If you are accessing the closet machine via ssh
> you might find Midnight Commander helpful to have on the closet machine;
> it's an old school console file manager, package name is mc.
> hth,
> -mark
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