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Fri Jan 30 14:04:12 GMT 2009

*Ubuntu **North Carolina Local Community Team*
Location: #ubuntu-classroom
Date: 01/30/2009 - 7:00am ET
NC Team Members present:*
- CitizenJoeFriday
- Misterdasher
- ArepaKing
103 users world wide.
Proceedings: *
* dholbach - IRC Channel administrator
- He talked about preparing some Explanatory Materials by giving us a
website which contains also how a bug jam session is structured. The website
is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam#Material
- This website explains the process of the session that we intend to hold.
That being said, the structure goes like this:
a) *Selecting the Venue*:  The venue for the Bug Jam can be anywhere where
you can fit a bunch of geeks, allow them to plug in laptops and preferably
get an internet connection. This could be a house, a university room, a pub,
a LUG nearby or anywhere else. In terms of sourcing a venue, speak to your
local LoCo <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCo> team to determine who might be
able to help. The majority of venues that people tend to run jams in are
typically available for free (someone works somewhere that can offer a
space). For more information please refer to the website above.

b) *Promoting the Jam*: i) blog about it! This is particularly important if
your blog is on Planet Ubuntu or other planets. (Check out Planet Ubuntu
Users <http://ubuntuweblogs.org/>
                                 ii) tell your local LUG about the event -
encourage them to attend!
                                 iii) post to the
list about the event.
                                 iv) put posters up in your local town in
computer shops.
                                 v) post to the Ubuntu
Forums<http://www.ubuntuforums.org/>about the event.
                                 vi) add it to the Fridge calendar
                                 vii) get in Touch with your local media
outlets to do stories on the event also.

c) *Asking people to prepare for the Jam: *the website above shows more
detailed information about this.

d) *Running the Jam:* These are the prerequisites and workflow:

   - Start out getting everyone set up, introductions, etc.
   - Check the infrastructure (projector, network connectivity, etc.)
   - Ensure everyone who wants to participate has a Launchpad account.


   - As people triage bugs keep track of the amount of bugs touched. This
   can be done with tomboy notes, a marker on a whiteboard, or some other
   means. It is important that you have some number so that you can measure
   improvement and progress as you have more Jams.
   - Try to group people who have similar interests in groups of four, so
   they can try to work on bugs together and answer questions in a group.

For more information about Holding the session and After the Jam, please
visit the website above.

- dholbach will work on a screencast about bug triage and also a
presentation about launchpad. He said when it is done it will be posted
here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam#Material
- Some videos will be uploaded to videos.ubuntu.com as well.

- The main idea of having a session like this are: Having Fun and work on
bugs. For people without experience fixing bugs exists other alternative
that can contribute to this session. You may find more details about this
activities here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/EasyTasks . Some examples are
but not limited to: check for bugs reported in Hardy or revious distros and
re-ask info whether they still occur in intrepid for further info if the
package has had updates,  Find bugs without packages, assign those. Add more
information, etc...

- During the event the channel #ubuntu-bugs will be open for any questions
and support.

For a complete transcript of the meeting held. Please refer to the attached
Minutes submitted by ArepaKing.
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* Topic for #ubuntu-classroom set by dholbach at Fri Jan 30 06:52:42 2009
<dholbach> hiya ArepaKing
* fcestrada is Fernando C. Estrada from the Mexico City ;)
<selinuxium> ola!
<stefanlsd> heys, im here representing the bug jam in South Africa
<ArepaKing> Hi Everybody
<dholbach> hey stefanlsd
* syockit still not in any team...
<dholbach> awesome.... if you only knew how excited I am :)
<misterdasher> misterdasher is James Dasher from the North Carolina team, and we're planning a pre-bugjam howto next Saturday.
<CrownAmbassador> stafanlsd we need to talk!
* savvas is from Ubuntu-cy, and wants to organise a possible bug jam for 9.04 release party :P
<CrownAmbassador> I'm also from SA and didn't even know we have a team!
* ArepaKing is Carlos Lerzundy. He is also from the North Carolina team
<dholbach> So how ready is your team for the jam on a scale from 0 to 10? :)
* k0001 (n=k0001 at has joined #ubuntu-classroom
<dholbach> hi k0001
* Citizenjoefriday is a third from the NC team
<stefanlsd> CrownAmbassador: #ubuntu-za  & http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki_Home
* Kmos (n=gothicx at unaffiliated/kmos) has joined #ubuntu-classroom
<savvas> ubuntu-cy is about 1/10 unfortunately - but we're working on it hehe
<CrownAmbassador> *twilight zone*
<stefanlsd> we also need more planning / people...
<misterdasher> is thinking ubunutu-us-nc is a 1 or 2
<savvas> stefanlsd: yep, that's my concern as well, very few in number :\
<dholbach> savvas, stefanlsd, misterdasher: what's missing? I'd really like us to talk about the problems we're having and how we think we can fix them
<fcestrada> ubuntu-mx is about 0 or 1 if you count I'm here
<selinuxium> we have a venue and attendees, but no one as yet to lead the jam...
<dholbach> fcestrada: definitely 1 :)
<dholbach> ok, looks like we have a few topics already
<misterdasher> dholbach: iirc, no one has participated.
<dholbach> 1) Explanatory Material or a "leader"
<dholbach> 2) "Marketing" :)
<savvas> dholbach: nothing yet on your behalf, I just have to "propagate" contribution ideology to the whole team. We're going fine until now, I hope I can channel my energy to other members
<tuxmaniac> sorry for the interruption and being late. this is Aanjhan from India
<dholbach> hey tuxmaniac!
<misterdasher> we're figuring out how to run our first ever
<dholbach> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam#Material has a bunch of stuff you and your team can take a look at before kicking it off
<stefanlsd> dholbach: i think I just need to push it harder. I think we have many people who also feel like they cant contribute. (we need to make sure that everyone feels welcome and will be able to do something).   maybe also just make it a social get together also...
<dholbach> there's a presentation somebody can do, about Bugs and Launchpad
<dholbach> there's a screencast about bug triage
<savvas> dholbach: that would make me mostly an observer for now - I just want to see experiences from other teams and stuff like that :)
<dholbach> and lots of links for triage documentation in general
<dholbach> pedro_, popey: is there an overlap between the screencast team and the QA/bugsquad team?
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<dholbach> it'd be nice if we could push out a few more screencasts before the event :)
<dholbach> hey robbit
<popey> ok, that can be done
<robbit> Hi!
<pedro_> yup would be nice to have some more inded
<dholbach> popey: I'd be happy to upload them to video.ubuntu.com and blog about it
<CrownAmbassador> thanks stefanlsd
<dholbach> pedro_, popey: do you have an idea about "easy tasks" that could be demonstrated?
<andresmujica> pedro / dholbach:  is the odp presentation in spanish yet?
<dholbach> one question I get all the time is "how can I change the status of the bug?"
<dholbach> andresmujica: no, unfortunately not yet - but it would be AWESOME if it got translated
* k0001 has quit ("Leaving.")
<dholbach> andresmujica: do you think you could ask in your Loco if somebody was willing to do that?
<dholbach> I'll try to get it translated into German as well
<andresmujica> dholbach: ok, i'm gonna ask for it!! (or do it myself if needed..)
<dholbach> thekorn: are you running a bug jam somewhere too?
<pedro_> right, well that and things like how can i change the package name, what do i need in order to have permissions to change the importance, etc
<dholbach> andresmujica: you're a rock start
<pedro_> would be nice to have that  on the screencast as well
<dholbach> ... star
<andresmujica> at this point there's only one screencast, right?
<dholbach> pedro_: maybe we could do a call for "questions" or "tasks" on the bugsquad list?
<dholbach> andresmujica: yes, unfortunately
<dholbach> we have audio and video interviews with Brian and Jorge about the topic too, but they're very general
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<dholbach> hey Daviey
* Daviey strolls in late.
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<Daviey> dholbach: o/
<dholbach> hey x1250_
<dholbach> andresmujica: please let me know how the translation effort goes - I'll blog about it too
<ArepaKing> dholbach: Do you think this screencast can be posted in the bug jam material website? (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam#Material)
<thekorn> dholbach: well julius and I thought about it some time ago, but no further details until now, will talk to him about it later today
<x1250_> hi dholbach
<dholbach> ArepaKing: definitely, once we have more they should be listed there
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<ArepaKing> all right! thank you sir
<tuxmaniac> the running bug jam material is pretty good to answer most of the questions. But i feel its too much information overload.
<dholbach> thekorn: do you have a mailing list for that area? you could ask other people too
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: tell us a bit about your experience - what works well in a bug jam... if you don't want to overload people
<tuxmaniac> if there is one signle presentation which shows in very simple terms to kick of bug triaging instead of reding through all these, that will be great
<pedro_> dholbach: i think so, yes or perhaps ask to the loco teams what they think needs more explanation, the bugsquad already know those things so we might get wrong info imho
<tuxmaniac> because dholbach , people (especially new comers) are not so interested in the RTFM thingi :-) They want to be spoonfed initially. and then the remaining catches up like fire
<dholbach> pedro_: sounds good - I'll add it to my TODO list to ask on loco-contacts
<pedro_> awesome
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: alright... let's talk about how to actually run the bug jam a bit later
<dholbach> do we have good tips for marketing the event?
<tuxmaniac> ok
<dholbach> so what I did in Berlin was mail the Berlin team mailing list and blog about the event a couple of times
<dholbach> also I tried to rope in other people to help a bit with the organisation, so it wasn't me alone :)
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<dholbach> I think I heard of other Locos that put up posters in bookshops and universities and LUGs
<dholbach> that might work very well too
<thekorn> dholbach: hmm, don't know, I'm not active in the local scene, julius is, will aks him about it
<dholbach> thekorn: great
<dholbach> popey, pedro_, stefanlsd, tuxmaniac: any other good advice from the marketing department?
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: yes. and not mailing only to Ubuntu-XX loco lists but also to other LUGs around will have additional coverage
<popey> blog / twitter / facebook / identi.ca / use them all
<popey> talk about it often
<stefanlsd> tuxmaniac: yeah, good idea, will get it onto our local lugs...
<dholbach> forums too
<dholbach> that sounds very good already
<popey> yeah
<dholbach> we're now around 3 weeks away from the event, we should definitely ramp up the marketing efforts now :)
<popey> there is a facebook group - i created it a week or so ago
<dholbach> wow
<popey> need people to join and use it
<tuxmaniac> stefanlsd: the thing is not to restrict ourselves with Ubuntu-xx lists. I found out from the past many dont join ubuntu-xx lists but just join the local lugs
<tuxmaniac> popey: wow. linky please
<stefanlsd> tuxmaniac: thanks. put it in my to do list
<popey> i can't right now, being dragged to the pub for lunch
<dholbach> there was a bunch of people saying "we're not very organised yet" - which problems are you guys having at the moment?
<andresmujica> popey: the name at least ;)
<selinuxium_> lucky popey!
<popey> just search facebook for bug jam
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* andresmujica searching
* savvas (n=forger at unaffiliated/savvas) has joined #ubuntu-classroom
<tuxmaniac> the EPFL lausanne crowd are ardent followers of Ubuntu. we infact distributed Ubuntu cds
<tuxmaniac> http://tinyurl.com/d4vmdh
<tuxmaniac> ^^ facebook
<dholbach> did you all find a venue already?
<Daviey> dholbach: The obv. things are the problems at the momnet - getting venue organised/confirmed / day structure / etc
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: i have to check with the guys back in idnia the scenario :-)
<tuxmaniac> will get things in place by this weekend
<stefanlsd> Still need a fixed venue. I have my office / house as fallback.
<dholbach> office/house as fallback is a good start already :)
* dholbach remembers the first Berlin release party in my appartment with 40 people :)
<dholbach> nuts :)
<dholbach> Daviey: where does your local LUG meet?
<dholbach> Daviey: is there any university / school nearby that might offer space?
<Daviey> dholbach: A attend a few LUG's... mainly university or cafe 's
<dholbach> or a pub with Wifi
<Daviey> dholbach: I think we have a couple of venue's sorted now \o/
<dholbach> maybe it helps to talk to organisers of those LUGs
<andresmujica> we`re planning a preparation session  for feb7 and the main event at feb21, how can i motivate them to assist to both?... we're about 11 subscribed
<dholbach> most of them will be happy and very pleased to see people getting active about helping out directly in a distribution
<tuxmaniac> on a lighter nte.. a pub with wifi is slightly a bad choice. once i remember we going in to have a good hackathon and the next thing I could remember was everybody calling up each other whether they reached home safe :P
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: haha
<dholbach> andresmujica: did you do a public call for participation in a blog and the mailing lists, etc already?
<tuxmaniac> wait! a flash came through. some people who attend fosdem could do some marketing as well
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<dholbach> andresmujica: definitely add your information to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam so people who wonder about the event can get back in touch with you
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: sounds good
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<tuxmaniac> i am in representing both Fedora and Ubuntu at fosdem :-)
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: may be a reply to the "Me at fosdem" thread on Ubuntu LocoContact list will end up having some result?
<selinuxium> can some one link me to the logs, train journey keeps kicking me off the net...
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: worth trying it :)
<dholbach> selinuxium: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/01/30/%23ubuntu-classroom.txt
<dholbach> will be 15 minutes delayed
<selinuxium> cheers dholbach
<dholbach> alright
<selinuxium> that is fine
<jpds> (updates hourly).
<andresmujica> ok!, yes, we've got the post -and thread- at mailing list!   https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-co/2009-January/013340.html
<dholbach> Daviey asked about the organisation or rather day structure
<tuxmaniac> selinuxium: irssi + ssh + screen :-)
<dholbach> let's talk about that a bit now
<dholbach> the most important thing about the whole event is: make it fun
<selinuxium> tuxmaniac:   :P
<dholbach> it really does not matter much how many bugs each loco worked on, but it should have been fun and people should have had a chance to see what it's like
<dholbach> so do we have some experience from the last time in here?
* selinuxium cancels his order for a riding crop....
<dholbach> tuxmaniac was right in saying "don't overload people"
<tuxmaniac> yes. last time a lot of people were very very enthusiastic during the preparatory sessions
<dholbach> it's perfectly fine to do a short presentation in the beginning to get everybody on the same page
<dholbach> but afterwards it's a good idea to turn off the projector or get away from "in front of the class"
<tuxmaniac> but during the GBJ days I felt the enthu kept dying.. May be because there wasnt specific targets set?
<dholbach> else you'll have the problem that people expect more presentation or more "class" :)
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: specific targets definitely help
<dholbach> pedro_ is our man here who can talk about targets :)
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: also what I found out helps is grouping people
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: like we have during the Hug days right. a set of bugs to be triaged
<dholbach> so they can try to work together on a set of bugs
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: yep. perfect
<stefanlsd> is there a recommended list of targets or tasks.. maybe in levels from beginners to int to advanced?
<tuxmaniac> stefanlsd: exactly what i was coming to nest. the levels also somehow mentioned. or some experienced folks get toghetre and pick up some bugs prior
<dholbach> stefanlsd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugKam has a few
<tuxmaniac> and throw it on the team
<andresmujica> making metric targets would be to cumbersome?  i've proposed some metrics in our GBJ event.. but don't know if that would be too serious...
* fcestrada very interested in the stefanlsd's question.
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<dholbach> andresmujica: what kind of metrics?
<dholbach> pedro_ is our man here who can talk about targets :)
<pedro_> yeah we have collected some easy tasks on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/EasyTasks
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: you scared him away once. dont do that again :P
<pedro_> they are sorted by difficulty
<pedro_> and we also add some examples next to them
<andresmujica> assigning bugs to the right package: 200,   finding duplicates: 10 ... things like that
<pedro_> I'd recommend to start with bugs without a package
<pedro_> those are the ones easier to triage
<tuxmaniac> pedro_: can we have them on the GBJ, runing bug jam material wiki may be? is it out of context there?
<pedro_> tuxmaniac: they are there
<andresmujica> yeap, bugs without package is our main objective...
<pedro_> just scroll down a bit on the GBJ page
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: it might be worth picking just a few of those bugs and say "let's get cracking on these together"
<tuxmaniac> yes
<pedro_> if you have people with more experience you can grab some other bugs like the ones that need to be upstreamed and make jcastro happy
<dholbach> hehe
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<pedro_> if you think we should add some other bugs to the list please do contact me
<pedro_> or to dholbach, jcastro
* dholbach nods
<tuxmaniac> pedro_: sure. i will look into those Science bugs and see
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<stefanlsd> pedro_: how about confirming bugs
<dholbach> stefanlsd: definitely good idea too
<pedro_> stefanlsd: yeah definitely
* pedro_ taking notes
<dholbach> stefanlsd: make sure to people to add as much information to the bugs as possible
<dholbach> pedro_: you need to blog all this! :-)
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: you are slightly faster than me in mailing the list :-)
<pedro_> dholbach: yeah will do it ;-)
<dholbach> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/UsingDevelopmentReleases is a useful guide if people want to actually test and work on jaunty
<dholbach> ...... in a SAFE way :)
<pedro_> hehe
<tuxmaniac> dholbach: thats a very nice thing. may be some people can download the alpha isos and have them ready and distribute during the event
<dholbach> tuxmaniac: sure, why not
<dholbach> do we have any more open questions?
<fcestrada> dholbach: how to identify this kind of easy bugs?, pick a random bug is a good idea, using harvest or what's the way?
<tuxmaniac> so that people dont waste time in getting the isos down during the GBJ. distribute, use the live cd, triage report bugs :-)
<dholbach> fcestrada: only if they actually want to work on fixing the bug
<andresmujica> dholbach: about metrics, what do u think?
<dholbach> fcestrada: I'd say that's more for experienced bug triage people only
<fcestrada> :(
<dholbach> fcestrada: we had people in Berlin who said "What's a bug?" and "What's Launchpad?"
<dholbach> fcestrada: it completely depends on who attends your event
<dholbach> if it's a bunch of hackers or experienced bugsquad members, that's cool - go wild on Harvest and fix bugs :-)
<stefanlsd> Thinking about it, i dont really want people to get bogged down and stuck on really technical difficult bugs...  lets get them excited to go home and carry on doing the other stuff
<stefanlsd> it also pulls the mentors away from all the quick answerable questions for others
<dholbach> andresmujica: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam/Stories :-)
<ArepaKing> what is the "other stuff" could you please make some examples?
<dholbach> andresmujica: if you take notes during the event about what you guys did, etc. - it'd be AWESOME if you wrote a small report about it, so we can show the world how much your event ROCKed
<dholbach> ArepaKing: pedro_ can talk about easy bug targets - what we already identified was:
<dholbach>  - take New bugs and try to confirm the issue and add information
<andresmujica> ok, i'll get the idea...  :)
<dholbach>  - take bugs without a package and try to assign them to the right place
<stefanlsd> ArepaKing: I think those easy tasks as dholbach was saying.  Like what is Launchpad. Make your account.  Find bugs without packages, assign those. Add more information. pedro_ showed us https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/EasyTasks  which i think is great
<ArepaKing> ok.. understood.. thanks!
<dholbach> if you come across other categories of easy bugs, I'm sure pedro_ would appreciate it
<pedro_> btw if you want to start doing some triage for being more well prepared for the GBJ, just take a target from that list (EasyTasks) and drop by #ubuntu-bugs at any time if you have some questions
<dholbach> pedro_: exactly - that's great
<dholbach> definitely let people know that they can easily talk to the rest of the world and get help
<dholbach> ... and have fun
<pedro_> we're running bug days the Thursdays , on those days we focus on a target for example yesterday we did one based on Compiz
<dholbach> ... and find new friends there :)
<stefanlsd> dholbach, pedro_ : i assume we can tell the guys to log onto  #ubuntu-bugs and just ask if they are unsure...
<dholbach> stefanlsd: definitely
<pedro_> and the next one is going to be based on Bugs without a package (bling bling one of the easier tasks)
<stefanlsd> kk. i think thats answered
<tuxmaniac> ArepaKing: another easy task could be to check for bugs reported in Hardy or revious distros and re-ask info whether they still occur in intrepid for further info if the package has had updates
<pedro_> stefanlsd: yes sr
<stefanlsd> dholbach: talk bout 5-a-day!!  :)
<ArepaKing> that is a good suggestion tuxmaniac..
<dholbach> stefanlsd: not yet - next week I plan to rework it with bdmurray
<pedro_> tuxmaniac: might be tricky to collect a list with that, since launchpad doesn't support release versions nor package versions :-(
<dholbach> stefanlsd: but I definitely plan to make some noise about it then :)
<stefanlsd> dholbach: kk. i think it would be awesome to track how people / teams are doing.
<dholbach> pedro_: "filed date" could maybe help? :)
<dholbach> stefanlsd: definitely - that's the plan
<dholbach> stefanlsd: but we want to make it easier and get more data from LP directly
<stefanlsd> and then u need to find a sponsor to sponsor a reward for the person / team :)
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<tuxmaniac> pedro_: yeah I know. But i guess it should not be very difficult with the [hardy] tags attached to some bugs that are still in confirmed state and stuff. Yes, lot of manual work. But worth the clearance IMO
<dholbach> stefanlsd: we should ask the guy with the plane about it :-)
<pedro_> dholbach: mm yeah, i guess bdmurray have something like that, will have a look
* dholbach is VERY VERY VERY excited
<dholbach> Is there any other problems you and your loco are still seeing?
<stefanlsd> dholbach: heh. how about the guy that went to space.  t-shirts would be cool
<dholbach> stefanlsd: that's the one :)
<dholbach> Or do you have other ideas how we could pimp the event a bit more?
<dholbach> Did you all blog enough about it already?
<stefanlsd> I think we just need to put it out there a bit more, make some excitement.
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<dholbach> and push other locos into action
<stefanlsd> I also think we need to target it more non techincal
<andresmujica> hmm, i was wondering if the SPANISH/LATAM teams can get together on a channel during the event, you know for spanish fun ;)
<dholbach> I think everybody of us should mail like 5 other Loco leaders to get them to organise a jam :)
<stefanlsd> I think many people are scared its a technical thing.  We need to make the point that regular users can make a big difference and contribute to something that they use everyday
<tuxmaniac> stefanlsd: +1
<pedro_> andresmujica: perhaps at #ubuntu-es ? for general questions would be nice indeed
<dholbach> stefanlsd: good idea - would be nice to show in a blog post "this is an example how easily you can make Ubuntu a better place - this is what we're going to at the Jam"
<fcestrada> andresmujica: that's a great idea, we are a few people, but maybe make a difference if we have an ubuntu-bugs-es irc or something like that.
<andresmujica> yeah, more like #ubuntu-bug-es  as #ubuntu-es is somehow populated
<pedro_> andresmujica, fcestrada yup wanna send an email to the amigos latinos? I'll announce that on my loco team
<dholbach> any more questions? everything settled? does everybody have a clear idea of what needs to happen next? :)
<pedro_> world domination!
<andresmujica> yeap, sure.. to the loco-leaders... :)
<dholbach> ahaha
<stefanlsd> hehe. yeah.  thanks!
<tuxmaniac> pedro_: lol
<Daviey> thanks dholbach
<fcestrada> ubuntu-es is good all the time for general questions, I'm talking to have a channel for this kind of activities, like a latam bug jam contributing to the global bug jam.
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<misterdasher> thanks, y'all --
<andresmujica> me again nagging about metris.. last year the target was 1000 bugs..?? according to some blogs i've read??
<dholbach> ok my friends... We're ready to really bring it on!
<pedro_> fcestrada: yes got the idea ;-)
* tuxmaniac hugs dholbach .. (lets start a dholbach hug party again :P)
* dholbach hugs y'all back :-)
* jrib (n=jrib at upstream/dev/jrib) has joined #ubuntu-classroom
* pedro_ hugs the whole channel
<fcestrada> thanks dholbach, you're the man!
* jedijf (n=jimf at pool-71-125-143-186.cmdnnj.east.verizon.net) has joined #ubuntu-classroom
<dholbach> I want to see some blogging, more publicity and please: go and nag a few other loco leaders to join in on the fun! :-)
* andresmujica hugs everyone!!
<dholbach> thanks a bunch everybody
<dholbach> the world definitely needs more people like you
<dholbach> have a great day!
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<stefanlsd> :)
<fcestrada> dholbach: thanks, same to you :)
<andresmujica> fcestrada, pedro:  about the channel .... which one??
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<fcestrada> I don't know about the name, it's great if not only focus in bugs, maybe mentoring sessions, but maybe an opportunity to involve people who can't assist, feel the emotion of participate in that via irc.
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<andresmujica> so maybe it's ok to use #ubuntu-es
<fcestrada> andresmujica: No, ubuntu-es have the focus to general questions about Ubuntu in spanish, maybe something like ubuntu-motu-es or something like refers to involve novice people in the ubuntu development of course, in spanish ;)
<pedro_> andresmujica: gbj-es ?
<fcestrada> pedro_: I don't think so, gbj-es have a very specific (and less intuitive) name, I suggest a general channel for ubuntu bug days, sessions, involve in development, and topics like that.
<pedro_> fcestrada: the channel is going to be used for the gbj isnt?
<pedro_> fcestrada: to be honest i don't care too much about the name, let's use ubuntu-classroom-es then which involve more things like you said
<fcestrada> pedro_: of course used for the gbj, but it's great if we mantain that channel, and not only for one day and lose the contact.
<fcestrada> mmm, I supposed it's very idealistic :P
<pedro_> fcestrada: your call then, let me know about the name when you decided it so can announce it at my loco too ;-)
<fcestrada> Anyway, I need to prepare for the work, 7:12am here. See you guys, and thanks for all! ;)
<fcestrada> pedro_ what's about ubuntu-motu-es? think it about and ping me if you're ok ;) Buen día :P
<cfoch> hola

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