[ubuntu-us-nc] Promo Report

Dewey Hylton plug at hyltown.com
Tue Feb 24 14:31:12 GMT 2009

On Feb 23, 2009, at 11:05 PM, markthecarp wrote:

> Nothing went as planned. I've had a site running with a free domain  
> name
> from dyndns.com for some time on a variety of hardware and os's. Most
> recently on an old E-Machine running REHL 5.2. I'd tested this as
> recently as a week ago; tested name resolution. Tonight that failed, I
> think because I've just switched to using opendns.com and something
> there is causing a name resolution problem.
> After the disaster that wasn't so bad, 4 out of 8 in attendance were
> quite interested in running a test server at home, I was chatting with
> the club President. Seems the club's meeting place, SciWorks in  
> Winston,
> wants them to have some "educational" event to justify their access.
> I suggested a Saturday session with some Linux emphasis, perhaps my
> somewhat botched presentation on home private/public webserver. He
> seemed quite intrigued by the idea.
> It's a good location as far as accessibility from highways but folks
> would have to bring their own machines.
> I do plan to pursue this possibility.

good job, mark. plan is a 4-letter word; congratulations on your  

opendns has cache tools on their site; it could be that they just  
don't update from dyndns that often and you could kick-start the  
update yourself. just a stab in the dark there.

i'm interested in the sciworks thing, too. i have a yearly pass and  
take the kids with relative frequency. where would this happen - in  
the lunch room? on the patio outside?

if the timing works out and you'd like another presenter (or even just  
an assistant), feel free to ask (and suggest a topic if you like).

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