[ubuntu-us-nc] Promo Report

Adam Jennings agjennings at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 05:01:48 GMT 2009

Awesome story Mark, not how the presentation itself went, but with the way
they received it and with a potential open door.

As far as to why your dyndns isn't working with opendns, I am not sure.  I
am using opendns here and I have my wfie's computer and my gma's computer
set up with my dyndns accounts so that I can ssh in and help them with their

I successfully installed another Intrepid yesterday.  This guys Vista kept
crashing--just a blank screen and then he'd have to power down.  I put
Intrepid on there, did the updates, but those damn ATI Radeon x1200 drivers
suck.  I was hoping to give him compiz with the ability to watch movies at
the same time.  I could get one or the other working, but not both.  Overall
he is happy with his laptop now and was able to watch a full movie without
the computer locking up.
That is the 2nd new install in 2 days and I have a couple more people
interested but just haven't done the switch yet.

So it seems that we both had interesting days that didn't turn out quite as
good as expected or hoped, but in the end, people are willing to try to give
it a shot!

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