[ubuntu-us-nc] recommendations for inexpensive video card?

Daniel Caleb techknow at internalkernel.com
Sat Aug 8 23:57:35 BST 2009

On Saturday 08 August 2009 18:29:39 Mark Kempster wrote:
> Can anybody recommend an inexpensive (< $60 or so) video card that's
> supported on ubuntu? Any brands / models to stay away from?
> Thanks for any pointers.
> Mark

Well, this is an age old conversation... IMHO - if it says ATI, run like hell. 
But, that's me... I'm sure someone else will say the opposite. I've had really 
good luck with Nvidia cards lately, although I can't say what an inexpensive 
one would be - I'm really only familiar with the laptop versions... All I know 
is that I have been trying to get a Radeon X600 going on my laptop for about 
two weeks... it has been horribly annoying. I also was thinking about using it 
for either LinuxMCE or a MythTV backend behind a plasma or LCD. 

LinuxMCE flat out says they don't support ATI, only Nvidia... that's gotta mean 


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