[ubuntu-us-nc] recommendations for inexpensive video card?

Mark Kempster mark at kempster.org
Sat Aug 8 23:29:39 BST 2009

I'm setting up a mythtv backend/frontend, installed on top of ubuntu
9.04. All the backend bits doing the recording seem to be in working
order, but using mythtv's frontend application to play video is just
apalling. Mostly lots of pauses / skipping in the playback. I suspect
the hardware in this box is lacking.

cpu: amd 1700 MHz
mem: 1 GB
onboard video

and that's about all of note, aside from the tv tuner, which isn't
terribly relevant.

I currently have the display on a regular ol' monitor, and plan on
moving it to the monitor input of my tv. I suspect I need to start
with replacing the video card.

Can anybody recommend an inexpensive (< $60 or so) video card that's
supported on ubuntu? Any brands / models to stay away from?

I had miserable luck finding a usb 802.11g wireless gizmo, so I'm a
bit skittish about other new hardware, but perhaps video cards are
better in general (fingers crossed).

Thanks for any pointers.

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