[ubuntu-us-nc] asheville news

Daniel Caleb techknow at internalkernel.com
Sat Aug 8 04:56:51 BST 2009

Sounds like a plan... I'll be there. I'm indifferent as to the time, any works 
for me. I don't know to many others in this area that would be interested... 
but hey, coffee and computers... I'm in. 

In regards to your project, I put some comments in below... Cheers... 

On Friday 07 August 2009 23:31:17 Mike Holstein wrote:
> looks like we will be having a meet and greet in asheville on saturday
> september 5th... right now i have the space reserved for 11am to 2pm, not
> that we need 3 hours for it... so, if you would like to come, and have some
> preference as to a time that morning/afternoon, let me know... also, if you
> know some folks over this way, let 'em know about it, and feel free to
> share any of my info with them... the space is the firestorm
> cafe<http://www.firestormcafe.com/>downtown asheville... very cool
> place, although it might be a little hard to
> find if your not familiar with asheville... its kind of a co-op type thing
> where the workers part-own it, and they run ubuntu on several public
> internet terminals, as well as the business computers... i'll send more
> details as needed, and as i get the time nailed down...
> ...also, an update on the Woodland Hills Church Learning Center ubuntu
> project i'm working on... i've had the computers for a week or so, and i'm
> taking them back on monday... i ended up with 3 decent dells (around 1ghz,
> with 512 ram) and the printer is working well, and i set up samba on there
> so windows computers (and hopefully macs, but i did not have a successful
> test from osx 10.3) can connect to the printer... i set up a dropbox
> account for them to sync files... i put a booklet together about how to
> connect a windows machine to the printer (with screenshots from xp) and how
> to find and make a folder in the dropbox folder... i also did some
> screencasts showing how to open, create, save, and print a document in
> OpenOffice (also opening firefox, and some dropbox activity)... i'm going
> to try and get everything nailed down on monday so the staff can kick the
> tires... the kids don't come til thursday... i think monday i'm going to
> put them on static IP's, and lock down the UI a little more, and try doing
> some stupid things and see if i can make something break... I've already
> answered some questions in the past from the staff like "my spell check
> doesn't work, all it does is underline the words", so i'm expecting some
> problems, but i think ubuntu will be more natural feeling than windows
> 2000... anyway, wish me luck...

If the machines are all consistent hardware-wise, why not set up a custom 
livecd with the basic install for these machines. That way, per machine 
backups would basically just be the /home/user folder, /etc and parts of /var. 
A quick rsync script inserted as a cron job could handle that daily... If they 
really mess anything up, then just install from the livecd and restore the 
backups. Check out remastersys for creating a livecd. 

Sounds like you have everything else pretty much handled, that'd be a fun 


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