[ubuntu-us-nc] Need a little help with compiz

Melver C. Minton III newtux at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 26 00:27:57 GMT 2008

Greetings.  I subscribed awhile back but I found that I needed to 
re-install Gutsy.  I have compiz running but right now I'm having some 
problems I hope to get a little help wit. 

In the lower left I have the icon that shows how many desktops I have 
and it shows a 4x4 grid.  However I can only access the top 4.  I have 
no idea how I got the grid though.  I'd like to get rid of it.

I also cannot get the cube to show up as a cube.  I have a nvidia FX5500 
and the restricted drivers seem to be working fine. 

And help will be appreciated.


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