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Jim Rorie jimrorie at logisys.biz
Wed Apr 16 03:25:16 BST 2008

Nope, you're right on target for this list.

I think there is a lot of interest in this subject.  I am looking to set
up an Ubuntu host with a Windows MCE guest to aid my migration from MCE
to Ubuntu.  I also would like to run a XP guest on my laptop for those
apps that Wine is choking on (My harmony remote, for one). I will be
diving in once Hardy is out.

Is your sata-raid software only?  I have some experience with the nvidia
hardware raids if that might help.


On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 21:44 -0400, Mark Kempster wrote:
I'm new to the irc meetup thing, so apologies if this is way out in the

I'm interested in virtualization. I really ran into trouble with running
vmware-server and getting knocked around a bit when ubuntu had kernel
updates. It sure was a rude awakening to have my vmware collection of
servers all go belly up after what had previously (in a
pre-vmware-server) been a pretty innocent change. Yeah, kernel upgrades
can be scary, but it was a pretty rocky couple months with ubuntu and
vmware there for awhile. I hope kvm is better.

With the shipping of kvm in Hardy, I'm really interested in using ubuntu
as the host o/s, ubuntu JeOS as the guests with kvm as the
virtualization stack. Problem is, I really don't know jack about kvm.

Along those lines, I'm interested in storing these multiple kvm guests
on a raid 1 or something. I attempted something similar in Gutsy and
kinda blew it. A lesson in sata-raid1-setup would do me wonders.

So, with the maturing of Ubuntu in general (just installed the beta
today) and specifically the inclusion of kvm, I'm interested if others
have experience running ubuntu as both host and guest. If folks would be
willing to share some of their practical knowledge, or if other folks
who are interested but (like me) have only a little bit of experience
have questions and are interested in a group foray into the experiment,
I'd be interested in joining in.

- Mark
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