[ubuntu-us-mo] On the topic of communication channels

Matt Hopper mhop3223 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 00:40:52 UTC 2011

As to what sorts of communication channels to use for the MO team.

Why don't we just stick with the forums, this email list, and the irc channels.

A seperate email for team specific contact seems to go against the
whole idea of openness, archives, and the purpose of the ubuntu-us-mo
mailing list.

Also, how bout sending out announcements etc to the ubuntu-us-mo
mailing list instead of email members from launchpad?

I guess I like the mailing list, forums, and ubuntu-us-mo irc to just
ease communication confusion and provide the expected open
communication and archive functionalities.

With the mailing list, I don't have to worry about saving all my
emails, or not have access to a copy if I accidently delete something,
I can just hit the mail archives. And it will help our team appear
more active.

I'd like to settle the irc channel list duality, as well as develop
some sort of archiving system for meetings.

I know, I was gonna do that, and dropped off the cliff for a bit, but
I'm ready for another crack.

More confusion, when are our actually meeting dates? They seem to
shift around a bit.



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