[ubuntu-us-mo] Meeting Minutes August 10, 2011 and IRC Logs

Matt Hopper mhop3223 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 14:56:07 UTC 2011

Ok, so this is basically just a kickstart for the idea.

I thought that I would attempt to provide meeting minutes to the
mailing list in the future. In doing so, I am going to beginning
logging with Xchat locally.

(there aren't any minutes for last night, as there wasn't anybody
around from 7-8p)

I then got to thinking that eventually it would be handy to have the
logs available online. I am thinking I read somewhere that we don't
get an official ubuntu logbot until we become an officially approved
team. But, perhaps we could keep some html and txt versions somewhere
on the Missouri Team website. I the interim, I suppose I could attach
the meeting logs as a .txt to the mailing list and send it out.

Logs Oh my! If we were to start doing this, it might also raise the
idea of utilizing the two channels that we have. Switch to
#ubuntu-us-mo for official business, meetings, etc... and have public
logs for those. And use #ubuntu-missouri for chat, and not have a
public log for that.

What are others feelings... Concerning me providing meeting minutes,
and making meeting/official business logs available online, etc.


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