[ubuntu-us-mo] Loco Team Leader

Matthew Copple mcopple at kcopensource.org
Mon Jan 25 04:28:57 GMT 2010

Good evening!

As many of you have noticed, this team has not been active over the
past several months. In large part that is because I have not had time
to coordinate activities, and in part because we just haven't had
anyone step up to do anything on their own.

Programming is my day job, and I when I get home at night, I am
usually too tired to force myself to work on Ubuntu. Therefore, I have
not been able to do the job I originally envisioned when I started
this group with Kent and Joe.

I am stepping down as team leader and would like for someone to step
forward and volunteer for the job. As far as Ubuntu is concerned, your
job is to represent our group to the Loco council. From the group
point of view, your job is to move the team forward and facilitate
goal-setting. It can be as much or as little work as you want it to
be. I'd much prefer to see someone who really wants to make a
difference take the reins and run with it.

I will stick around until someone volunteers or Saturday, March 6,
whichever is earlier. If no one has volunteered on the 6th, then I'll
shoot a message to the Loco council list letting them know the group
is orphaned.

You can reply to this list or send me a private e-mail to volunteer.

Matthew G. Copple
mcopple at kcopensource.org

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