[ubuntu-us-mo] Hardy Heron Release Party

Matthew Copple mcopple at kcopensource.org
Fri Mar 21 23:15:37 GMT 2008

Hardy Heron (Release 8.04) is due to be released on Thursday, April  
24th. What do you think about having a release party in the KC area?

I spoke to O'Dowd's on Zona Rosa, and they have a huge room they are  
willing to let us use (the Guiness Room) for the party. I have not  
reserved it yet, because I want to find out if there is going to be  
interest in it first. In return for letting us use the room, they will  
expect us to order something off the menu, but there isn't a required  
minimum or anything, and unless we have an enormous crowd show up,  
they are willing to do separate checks. O'Dowd's has wi-fi, great  
food, and a fine selection of adult beverages.

I need a commitment of at least ten people before I am going to  
reserve a room -- with less than ten, we can fit into someone's home,  
and no need to deal with reserving a room.

Contact me privately at mcopple at kcopensource.org if you are interested  
in attending!

Matthew Copple
LoCo Contact
mcopple at kcopensource.org

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