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Thu Sep 6 06:41:02 BST 2007

forwarding the majority of the log.  Anyone have the first part?
Kent Seaton

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Date: Sep 5, 2007 9:59 PM
Subject: Heres the meeting log.
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Sep 05 20:39:30 <RobDaGlob> lol...nvm, I have normal logging on also
Sep 05 20:39:35 <pissedbuddha_> alright... logging
Sep 05 20:39:52 <nilihanth> we're all logging
Sep 05 20:39:53 <nilihanth> lol
Sep 05 20:39:54 <spr0k3t> anyway, let's move on. If there are any
objections to the minutes taken for the 15th, have your say at any time
during the meeting.
Sep 05 20:40:02 <nilihanth> anyway, mine is always logging so its no problem
Sep 05 20:40:17 <pissedbuddha_> ok
Sep 05 20:40:23 <spr0k3t> Next Item... Gutsy Gibbon release party
Sep 05 20:40:58 <spr0k3t> I know there is an interest in KC to have a
release party, however I would like to see more areas in the state
Sep 05 20:41:04 <pissedbuddha_> Sorry, I cant plan one of those....
Sep 05 20:41:19 <spr0k3t> RobDaGlob: what do you think in St. Louis?
Sep 05 20:42:13 <spr0k3t> pissedbuddha_: I know there are other team
members in Jeff City who may have plans... we'll see how that goes.
Sep 05 20:42:45 <pissedbuddha_> spr0k3t: ok
Sep 05 20:43:02 <RobDaGlob> I can look into organizing a St. Louis
party, but it will have to be a collaborative effort from others in the area
Sep 05 20:43:14 <spr0k3t> what do you guys want to see in such a party?
Sep 05 20:43:38 <RobDaGlob> Obviously free Gutsy CDs
Sep 05 20:43:45 <pissedbuddha_> yes definatly.
Sep 05 20:43:47 <nilihanth> hehe, that, yes
Sep 05 20:44:09 <pissedbuddha_> Also, additional software would be nice
Sep 05 20:44:12 <RobDaGlob> Maybe a couple of demos of new Gutsy features...
Sep 05 20:44:12 <spr0k3t> well, yeah that... the only issue on that
though, ship-it will not have gutsy CDs available until three weeks down
the line.
Sep 05 20:44:26 <pissedbuddha_> homebrews?
Sep 05 20:44:29 <spr0k3t> nod
Sep 05 20:44:34 --> theflavor
(n=theflavo at c-69-242-160-207.hsd1.mo.comcast.net) has joined
Sep 05 20:44:38 <pissedbuddha_> hello
Sep 05 20:44:40 <theflavor> hi
Sep 05 20:44:43 <spr0k3t> sweet!
Sep 05 20:44:43 <RobDaGlob> homebrews might be the way to go...
Sep 05 20:44:51 <RobDaGlob> hey flavor..
Sep 05 20:44:56 <theflavor> just remember about the meeting..
Sep 05 20:45:12 <theflavor> remembered*
Sep 05 20:45:20 <pissedbuddha_> of coarse the homebrews will need a good
Sep 05 20:45:22 <pissedbuddha_> brb
Sep 05 20:45:34 <nilihanth> hehe
Sep 05 20:45:34 <spr0k3t> I'm going to be burning discs from my laptop
as long as the torrents are good.
Sep 05 20:45:35 <pissedbuddha_> back
Sep 05 20:45:48 <nilihanth> I knew a guy that did quite a bit of homebrew
Sep 05 20:45:57 <nilihanth> he made beer, wine, and mead
Sep 05 20:46:05 <nilihanth> and whisky...shhh!
Sep 05 20:46:12 <spr0k3t> hehehe
Sep 05 20:46:16 <pissedbuddha_> hehe
Sep 05 20:46:24 <spr0k3t> let's move on the next item shall we?
Sep 05 20:46:28 <RobDaGlob> agreed...
Sep 05 20:46:31 <pissedbuddha_> yup
Sep 05 20:46:32 <spr0k3t> Communication
Sep 05 20:46:44 <spr0k3t> According to this poll I posted on the forums:
Sep 05 20:47:04 <spr0k3t> the general concensus is we use irc and forums
for our primary points of discussion
Sep 05 20:47:47 <spr0k3t> This is fine with me... I would also like to
see the portal created to capture events and whatnot.
Sep 05 20:47:48 <pissedbuddha_> well.... but wouldnt a website also be
good for other stuff (sorry if im going off topic)
Sep 05 20:47:54 <pissedbuddha_> opps
Sep 05 20:47:56 <spr0k3t> lol
Sep 05 20:48:08 <pissedbuddha_> hehe, my bad.
Sep 05 20:48:11 <spr0k3t> not a problem pissedbuddha_, that's what these
discussions are for.
Sep 05 20:48:15 <nilihanth> yeah, I use IRC and forums primarily
Sep 05 20:48:22 <theflavor> irc is good for realtime chat, but that will
only the most active users who are likely to be camping the channel
Sep 05 20:48:48 <spr0k3t> the portal would allow us to log events, post
blogs, build upon project ideas and whatnot.
Sep 05 20:48:59 <nilihanth> camping gets you killed! ...oh, sorry. I'll
get out of Quake mode now
Sep 05 20:49:04 <spr0k3t> well said theflavor
Sep 05 20:49:18 <spr0k3t> nilihanth is now known as HappyCamper
Sep 05 20:49:23 <nilihanth> hehe
Sep 05 20:49:48 <spr0k3t> so the primary communication paths stand at
the forums and irc.
Sep 05 20:50:11 <pissedbuddha_> I remember you saying you wanted to work
with Joomla!.... what kind of plugins would you add, and what Joomla!
features would it use?
Sep 05 20:50:14 <spr0k3t> the portal will be developed and set up as a
type of social network.
Sep 05 20:50:48 <spr0k3t> good question. one of our "yet to be a member"
members is a professional joomla developer.
Sep 05 20:51:09 <RobDaGlob> isn't Joomla just a PHP CMS?
Sep 05 20:51:16 <spr0k3t> his statement was: "if we can't find the right
plugin for the features we want, just let me know and I'll build it myself"
Sep 05 20:51:31 <pissedbuddha_> alright then.
Sep 05 20:51:35 <spr0k3t> yeah, advanced php cms though.
Sep 05 20:52:01 <pissedbuddha_> ok saeriously whats this noise I keep
Sep 05 20:52:04 <spr0k3t> let's move on... next topic Logo Vote
Sep 05 20:52:20 <spr0k3t> Have a look at this page here:
Sep 05 20:52:33 <spr0k3t> these are the submitted logos we have.
Sep 05 20:52:36 <pissedbuddha_> ok nevermind ill ask later....
Sep 05 20:52:50 <nilihanth> taking votes now?
Sep 05 20:53:01 <theflavor> logo2
Sep 05 20:53:04 <spr0k3t> I'm going to set up a poll on the forums after
the meeting
Sep 05 20:53:10 <nilihanth> #4
Sep 05 20:53:25 <spr0k3t> I feel others who are not present should have
the opportunity to vote.
Sep 05 20:53:25 <pissedbuddha_> #4 too... even though I thought of it.....
Sep 05 20:53:32 <spr0k3t> 8^)
Sep 05 20:53:34 <theflavor> i think 4 is clutterd and doesn't use the
official colors
Sep 05 20:53:34 <RobDaGlob> I vote for logo #2
Sep 05 20:54:20 <spr0k3t> What do you guys think though? (theflavor has it)
Sep 05 20:54:45 <theflavor> maybe if 4 used the official colors, it
wouldn't be as bad...
Sep 05 20:54:45 <pissedbuddha_> you know... the whole doesnt use
official colors thing is kindof right....
Sep 05 20:54:45 <spr0k3t> are there any pros/cons of each that need
further detailing?
Sep 05 20:54:55 <theflavor> but I still think its cluttered
Sep 05 20:55:26 <RobDaGlob> I agree....the Ubuntu colors in 4 would
change my vote...
Sep 05 20:55:35 <spr0k3t> matt had an idea to use an official logo for
print, and another for digital... I think this would just confuse things.
Sep 05 20:55:45 <theflavor> agreed
Sep 05 20:56:03 <pissedbuddha_> agreed.....
Sep 05 20:56:07 <theflavor> if these were to ever be on t-shirts, it'd
be very expensive for all the different colors
Sep 05 20:56:22 <spr0k3t> we should have a single logo to represent one
Sep 05 20:56:32 <nilihanth> well before 4 came along I was for #2
Sep 05 20:56:42 <theflavor> i still vote 2
Sep 05 20:56:55 <spr0k3t> now here's a question I need to propose...
what happens if canonical does not accept the selected logo
Sep 05 20:57:00 <spr0k3t> do we start over?
Sep 05 20:57:01 <theflavor> i'd bet that most missourian's wouldn't
recognize the bear logo
Sep 05 20:57:02 <nilihanth> so I wouldn't be too sad if #4 didn't pass
because of practical reasoning
Sep 05 20:57:03 <RobDaGlob> I voted for 2 also, simple and "tee-shirt
Sep 05 20:57:31 <pissedbuddha_> I guess 2 is good too, since its simple
Sep 05 20:57:45 <spr0k3t> theflavor: rofl!
Sep 05 20:57:59 <spr0k3t> shall we move on to the projects?
Sep 05 20:58:05 <nilihanth> sure
Sep 05 20:58:08 <pissedbuddha_> sure
Sep 05 20:58:18 <spr0k3t> oki doki, next topic: Projects
Sep 05 20:59:05 <pissedbuddha_> ok
Sep 05 20:59:05 <spr0k3t> one of the keys of the group is projects... we
need to have project contacts for each of these
Sep 05 20:59:22 <spr0k3t> the question though, what kind of projects
should we really look at?
Sep 05 20:59:31 <pissedbuddha_> promoting ubuntu?
Sep 05 20:59:50 <spr0k3t> Matt has stated since we are a small group, we
should look at doing small-ish projects so as not to overwhelm.
Sep 05 21:00:08 <spr0k3t> I have to agree with this notion.
Sep 05 21:00:16 <nilihanth> There is wisdom in that, but we also need to
be ready to jump at opportunity to do big things too
Sep 05 21:00:29 <pissedbuddha_> promoting it in a small way them?
Sep 05 21:00:45 <nilihanth> but not at the expense of keeping us intact
Sep 05 21:00:58 <pissedbuddha_> I agree with nilihanth
Sep 05 21:01:03 <spr0k3t> this leads well into the point... the Install Fest
Sep 05 21:01:27 <spr0k3t> In April of 2008 is the release of Ubuntu's LTS.
Sep 05 21:01:37 <spr0k3t> this is a major opportunity to get the word out.
Sep 05 21:01:56 <pissedbuddha_> but what if it gains negative attention?
Sep 05 21:02:02 <nilihanth> LTS - explain please...for the record, not
because I dont know what it means ;)
Sep 05 21:02:07 <spr0k3t> What I would like to do is set up an Install
Fest in various parts across the state.
Sep 05 21:02:09 <RobDaGlob> Long Term Support
Sep 05 21:02:14 <nilihanth> oh, lol.
Sep 05 21:02:35 <spr0k3t> pissedbuddha_: if there is any negative
attention, we push on like it didn't happen.
Sep 05 21:02:57 <pissedbuddha_> spr0k3t: hmmm ok...
Sep 05 21:03:10 <RobDaGlob> The install fest idea is a good one, but
it'll take some work to pull it off...
Sep 05 21:03:10 <nilihanth> bah, there wont be negative attention,
except maybe from M$ lovers, and then we can just throw pie at them :D
Sep 05 21:03:19 <spr0k3t> what I would like to do is utilize various
computer groups across the state.
Sep 05 21:03:20 <pissedbuddha_> ROFL
Sep 05 21:03:44 <RobDaGlob> Microsoft fanboys are going to say what they
are going to say and we can't stop them, just ignore them and try to
push the truth...
Sep 05 21:03:46 <theflavor> there are plenty of computers group on
college campus's
Sep 05 21:03:51 <spr0k3t> groups like the ACM love working with stuff
like this.. gives them the experience they are looking for in their group.
Sep 05 21:03:52 <theflavor> acm, aitp, etc..
Sep 05 21:03:57 <RobDaGlob> Could we partner with local LUGs?
Sep 05 21:03:59 <spr0k3t> exactly
Sep 05 21:04:17 <RobDaGlob> I'm an ACM member :)
Sep 05 21:04:17 <spr0k3t> working with the local LUGs is key to the LoCo
Sep 05 21:04:32 <RobDaGlob> who knows....we might get new members out of it
Sep 05 21:04:41 <spr0k3t> remember, the LoCo is not a replacement for
the LUGs, rather an extension of it.
Sep 05 21:04:55 <RobDaGlob> true, true..
Sep 05 21:05:18 <spr0k3t> now here's what's interesting about this plan.
I mentioned the idea to a couple people in the forums and the idea
exploded to "hey, let's do this in unison" across the states.
Sep 05 21:05:24 <pissedbuddha_> please define LUGs.... I dont think I
know exactly what those people are doing......
Sep 05 21:05:41 <spr0k3t> from what I understand, there are several
groups from international LoCos also wanting to join in.
Sep 05 21:05:43 <theflavor> linux user group
Sep 05 21:05:53 <RobDaGlob> Wow, that big?
Sep 05 21:05:57 <spr0k3t> yeah
Sep 05 21:06:11 <spr0k3t> "it all started with a mouse"
Sep 05 21:06:36 <pissedbuddha_> and how will this be payed for? Huge
Sep 05 21:07:05 <spr0k3t> most of the stuff will need to be handled by
our own computer prowess and personal volunteer work.
Sep 05 21:07:34 <pissedbuddha_> I mean other expenses....
Sep 05 21:07:35 <spr0k3t> outside of that, people who visit the install
fest are asked to donate to the groups.
Sep 05 21:07:42 <pissedbuddha_> oh
Sep 05 21:08:11 <spr0k3t> I'm sure there will be some up front costs...
but those can be recoup'd
Sep 05 21:09:04 <spr0k3t> so, do we have any questions so far.
Sep 05 21:09:12 <spr0k3t> morning joe
Sep 05 21:09:21 <pissedbuddha_> another question, what about safety?
these fests will be in big cities wont they?
Sep 05 21:09:38 <theflavor> property safety?
Sep 05 21:09:53 <nilihanth> all of us bring handguns
Sep 05 21:09:55 <pissedbuddha_> no, safety against criminals
Sep 05 21:09:55 <nilihanth> :)
Sep 05 21:10:00 <pissedbuddha_> LOL\
Sep 05 21:10:11 <spr0k3t> they can be held in small towns as well...
Sep 05 21:10:31 <pissedbuddha_> oh ok
Sep 05 21:10:47 <theflavor> kc metro doesn't have to be downtown, it can
be liberty, olathe, blue springs, etc..
Sep 05 21:11:19 <theflavor> central location would be a benefit, but at
what cost (if any)
Sep 05 21:11:31 <nilihanth> in fact it shouldn't be downtown
Sep 05 21:11:37 <RobDaGlob> It might be better to hold them in suburb
towns anyway, because getting a space to hold the fest in a big city
will cost $$$
Sep 05 21:11:38 <spr0k3t> the smaller towns can be run from a local
church or school... two people could man a smaller location.
Sep 05 21:11:39 <nilihanth> downtown is chaos right now
Sep 05 21:12:25 <spr0k3t> the key for this to work though, whatever
location we end up using, each location will need to have open internet
Sep 05 21:12:42 <pissedbuddha_> uhhh
Sep 05 21:12:54 <spr0k3t> this way if anyone has a problem, they can
utilize people who are not able to attend the install fests
Sep 05 21:13:29 <pissedbuddha_> tough luck for my town then. I doubt my
router could stretch down to the park pavilions anyway
Sep 05 21:13:30 --> jbrouhard (n=jbrouhar at has joined
Sep 05 21:13:34 <jbrouhard> I HATH ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!1
Sep 05 21:13:40 <pissedbuddha_> finally. :P
Sep 05 21:13:43 <pissedbuddha_> hello
Sep 05 21:13:47 <nilihanth> hehe
Sep 05 21:14:10 <jbrouhard> so excuse me if I had to make a trip from
one side of the town to the next to drop off my belt :P
Sep 05 21:14:17 <spr0k3t> lol
Sep 05 21:14:38 <RobDaGlob> greetings
Sep 05 21:14:46 <pissedbuddha_> you missed alot.... :(
Sep 05 21:14:59 <jbrouhard> eh.. I can catch the replay :)
Sep 05 21:15:05 <pissedbuddha_> hehe ok
Sep 05 21:15:08 <spr0k3t> so anyway, the install fest in a nutshell is
to have several locations across the state (possibly global) for a
massive release party of the next LTS. In a nutshell at least.
Sep 05 21:15:49 <spr0k3t> any questions
Sep 05 21:16:06 <pissedbuddha_> what events will take place?
Sep 05 21:16:07 <jbrouhard> yeah
Sep 05 21:16:10 <jbrouhard> who provides the beer? :)
Sep 05 21:16:19 <spr0k3t> it would be a byo joe.
Sep 05 21:16:19 <nilihanth> Minskys?
Sep 05 21:16:22 <nilihanth> oh, nm
Sep 05 21:16:31 <RobDaGlob> Just bring a flask, that's what I do :)
Sep 05 21:16:33 <jbrouhard> Kent..
Sep 05 21:16:35 <jbrouhard> you so suck ;)
Sep 05 21:16:45 <nilihanth> oooh ooh oh! 75th st. Brewery
Sep 05 21:16:47 <spr0k3t> the target location for the install fest would
be to set up at local colleges... so it would be kind of hard to get
beer in.
Sep 05 21:17:02 <jbrouhard> Not really
Sep 05 21:17:06 <jbrouhard> Go to CMSU
Sep 05 21:17:12 <jbrouhard> "Party central" of the state.
Sep 05 21:17:13 <spr0k3t> hehehe
Sep 05 21:17:17 <jbrouhard> BTW, where in the hell is Copple ?
Sep 05 21:17:26 <pissedbuddha_> Also, what about technical schools?
Sep 05 21:17:29 <spr0k3t> he had a last minute call.
Sep 05 21:17:47 <spr0k3t> tech schools are perfect...
Sep 05 21:18:06 <jbrouhard> last min call.........
Sep 05 21:18:14 <nilihanth> yeah, there's Vatterott and ITT Tech near
the stadiums
Sep 05 21:18:37 <jbrouhard> There's a Vatterott here in St. Joseph
Sep 05 21:18:38 --> mcopple (n=mattcopp at CPE-75-87-66-197.kc.res.rr.com)
has joined #ubuntu-missouri
Sep 05 21:18:42 <jbrouhard> Hillyard Technical School as well
Sep 05 21:18:42 <spr0k3t> there's matt
Sep 05 21:18:45 <pissedbuddha_> welcome back
Sep 05 21:18:48 <jbrouhard> HALLOWED BE THY COPPLE!!!!!!!!
Sep 05 21:18:54 --- mcopple is now known as PenguinistaKC
Sep 05 21:18:59 <PenguinistaKC> Sorry, had to take that call
Sep 05 21:19:09 <PenguinistaKC> Picked up another client!
Sep 05 21:19:11 <spr0k3t> it's okay... you'll get a good recap from the
Sep 05 21:19:13 <jbrouhard> Oh?
Sep 05 21:19:15 <jbrouhard> awesome, matt
Sep 05 21:19:15 <spr0k3t> rock on!
Sep 05 21:19:24 <jbrouhard> (client for what? Geanology ?)
Sep 05 21:19:30 <PenguinistaKC> genealogy, yes
Sep 05 21:19:34 <jbrouhard> kewl
Sep 05 21:19:37 <spr0k3t> jean-algy
Sep 05 21:19:40 <PenguinistaKC> a Missouri Pioneer application
Sep 05 21:19:48 <jbrouhard> Sounds like you're finally getting sweet
money :)
Sep 05 21:20:11 <PenguinistaKC> Not really, my time is so restricted
that I can't take on a lot of clients at once.
Sep 05 21:20:15 <spr0k3t> anyway... next up... Marketing
Sep 05 21:20:24 <nilihanth> UNDERWEAR!
Sep 05 21:20:33 <pissedbuddha_> .....
Sep 05 21:20:36 <nilihanth> lol
Sep 05 21:20:38 <pissedbuddha_> heh
Sep 05 21:20:38 <jbrouhard> milo
Sep 05 21:20:42 <nilihanth> excuse my randomness
Sep 05 21:20:44 <spr0k3t> I'd like to make the whole marketing points simple
Sep 05 21:20:44 <jbrouhard> We don't need mental images of you in your
Sep 05 21:20:46 <jbrouhard> if you have any <G>
Sep 05 21:20:53 <nilihanth> ewww
Sep 05 21:21:08 <jbrouhard> you were ugly enough at the face to face.
hahahaha *runs*
Sep 05 21:21:12 <nilihanth> lol
Sep 05 21:21:15 <nilihanth> word
Sep 05 21:21:24 <nilihanth> :p
Sep 05 21:21:27 <spr0k3t> the idea is to locate the small ma & pa
computer shopes... none of the big retail stores.
Sep 05 21:21:46 <pissedbuddha_> sounds good
Sep 05 21:21:53 <spr0k3t> at these shops, set up business cars, ship-it
CDs, and flyers.
Sep 05 21:21:53 <pissedbuddha_> dont wanna get sued
Sep 05 21:21:57 <RobDaGlob> I work at EPC, which is a small to medium
sized computer store....I'll get the word out there..
Sep 05 21:22:05 <spr0k3t> nods RobDaGlob
Sep 05 21:22:19 <theflavor> i've shopped at EPC
Sep 05 21:22:31 <RobDaGlob> I'd like to have the official logo for
marketing materials though...
Sep 05 21:22:51 <pissedbuddha_> yes definatly
Sep 05 21:22:59 <spr0k3t> RobDaGlob: would you like to take position of
lead for marketing in missouri?
Sep 05 21:23:06 <spr0k3t> just curious
Sep 05 21:23:33 <jbrouhard> I have one possible issue with Marketing
Sep 05 21:23:37 <jbrouhard> this is going to take a LOT of money
Sep 05 21:23:48 <jbrouhard> Granted, the Ship-It CDs won't cost us a dime
Sep 05 21:23:53 <jbrouhard> but business cards, etc will cost us
Sep 05 21:23:55 <spr0k3t> marketing will only take as much money as you
put into it.
Sep 05 21:23:58 <pissedbuddha_> ...hm yah....
Sep 05 21:24:06 <jbrouhard> My Proxima Networks cards (both milo and
kent have copies) cost me $30 for a 500 set.
Sep 05 21:24:23 <jbrouhard> kent: it'll cost us quite a bit, even on
small scale
Sep 05 21:24:35 <jbrouhard> <-- does small scale marketing with PN, and
trust me, it's costing me
Sep 05 21:24:45 <theflavor> www.vistaprint.com used to have free
business cards
Sep 05 21:24:45 <jbrouhard> Modified Ship-It CDs aren't worth it
Sep 05 21:24:52 <jbrouhard> Yeah.. I used vistaprint
Sep 05 21:24:56 <jbrouhard> but you gotta pay for the shipping :)
Sep 05 21:25:19 <jbrouhard> *thinks a bit..*
Sep 05 21:25:27 <jbrouhard> Anyone here have multi-CDR boxes ?
Sep 05 21:25:32 <RobDaGlob> That's why we need to use highly targeted
marketing first, and as we get donations, expand
Sep 05 21:25:35 <jbrouhard> or a CD duplicator ?
Sep 05 21:25:41 <spr0k3t> we will approach the cost factors of the group
as they present themselves.
Sep 05 21:25:51 <jbrouhard> that might be a bad idea.
Sep 05 21:25:52 <pissedbuddha_> that sounds reasonable
Sep 05 21:25:59 <jbrouhard> but *shrug*
Sep 05 21:26:09 <spr0k3t> for now, the marketing strategy is only in
planning stage
Sep 05 21:26:11 <jbrouhard> <-- prefers to know costs ahead of time
before diving head first :)
Sep 05 21:26:27 <pissedbuddha_> good point....
Sep 05 21:26:32 <jbrouhard> I would ersonally do this way:
Sep 05 21:26:35 <jbrouhard> personally, even
Sep 05 21:26:39 <spr0k3t> joe, it's going to cost you quite a bit... the
rest of us are going to use your money to pay for all of it. 8^)
Sep 05 21:26:47 <jbrouhard> Figure up the actual cost, then figure a way
to keep it within budget
Sep 05 21:26:57 <jbrouhard> rather than get hit IN-Game.
Sep 05 21:26:59 <nilihanth> lol
Sep 05 21:27:04 <spr0k3t> hehehe
Sep 05 21:27:12 <jbrouhard> How about I charge you your computer in
exchange for services?
Sep 05 21:27:19 <spr0k3t> 8^)
Sep 05 21:27:22 <pissedbuddha_> hehe
Sep 05 21:27:28 <jbrouhard> I need to replace my game rig :P
Sep 05 21:27:32 <spr0k3t> i could build another... I'm sure I have the
parts for one.
Sep 05 21:28:00 <spr0k3t> oh wait, nope... I would need a motherboard
cpu and memory...
Sep 05 21:28:09 <pissedbuddha_> lol
Sep 05 21:28:19 <jbrouhard> haha :P
Sep 05 21:28:26 * nilihanth clears his throat
Sep 05 21:28:27 <nilihanth> ;)
Sep 05 21:28:34 <jbrouhard> I got it
Sep 05 21:28:38 <jbrouhard> I'll steal milo's computer
Sep 05 21:28:58 <spr0k3t> anyway, let's continue the discussion of
marketing on the forums. if you have any suggestions you would like to
contribute, feel free to post.
Sep 05 21:29:01 <jbrouhard> and leave the shitty 486 i have earning it's
dust medals in the closet in it's place :)
Sep 05 21:29:04 <nilihanth> :D
Sep 05 21:29:32 <pissedbuddha_> I cant think of any marketing ideas at
the moment.....
Sep 05 21:29:38 <spr0k3t> RobDaGlob has agreed to step forward as our
marketing liason while we build the process.
Sep 05 21:29:53 <spr0k3t> any seconds
Sep 05 21:30:01 <jbrouhard> i have no objections so long as everyone is
kept informed :)
Sep 05 21:30:11 <spr0k3t> communication is key
Sep 05 21:30:25 <RobDaGlob> I'll use the communication channels
discussed eariler
Sep 05 21:30:47 <pissedbuddha_> yup
Sep 05 21:30:59 <spr0k3t> thanks RobDaGlob... I'll have the wiki pages
updated tonight with more information
Sep 05 21:31:00 <PenguinistaKC> Seriously, it doesn't need to cost a lot
of money
Sep 05 21:31:13 <pissedbuddha_> Im not much of an IRC camper, but Ill
try to get on more.
Sep 05 21:31:20 <spr0k3t> last up on the list...
Sep 05 21:31:27 <PenguinistaKC> Ship-It CDs are free. Business cards can
be printed on inkjet and look quite professional if done with a template.
Sep 05 21:31:28 <spr0k3t> Regional LUG meetings
Sep 05 21:31:49 <theflavor> i'm sure some of us have color laser jets at
Sep 05 21:32:13 <pissedbuddha_> nah... me and printers almost never get
Sep 05 21:32:14 <jbrouhard> In hindsight, my cards are a little
Sep 05 21:32:14 <spr0k3t> PenguinistaKC: I have a medium use color laser
printer we could utilize with card stock.
Sep 05 21:32:16 <jbrouhard> 'iffy.
Sep 05 21:32:31 <PenguinistaKC> cool. one problem solved already
Sep 05 21:32:39 <theflavor> my work has color lasers everywhere
Sep 05 21:32:50 <spr0k3t> it'll do 18ppm full color
Sep 05 21:33:32 <spr0k3t> ack... anyway, I need to wrap it on my end.
Sep 05 21:33:42 <spr0k3t> Matt, can you take it from here?
Sep 05 21:34:20 <spr0k3t> after note from me... then I need to leave.
the next F2F in the kansas city area will be held at my place
Sep 05 21:34:22 <PenguinistaKC> Regional Lug meetings, right? You didn't
put an explanation on the agenda, so I'm not sure what the topic was to
be ablut
Sep 05 21:34:33 <jbrouhard> ablut ?
Sep 05 21:34:36 <PenguinistaKC> about
Sep 05 21:34:42 <jbrouhard> lol
Sep 05 21:34:45 <spr0k3t> mostly, has anyone have anything to add from
LUGs across the state
Sep 05 21:34:47 <pissedbuddha_> hehe
Sep 05 21:34:52 <PenguinistaKC> trying to put together a contract while
doing this
Sep 05 21:35:06 <jbrouhard> heh
Sep 05 21:35:12 <spr0k3t> anyway, gotta bolt... I've got 10 mins to get
ready for work.
Sep 05 21:35:19 <PenguinistaKC> See ya
Sep 05 21:35:22 <jbrouhard> Have fun, Kent
Sep 05 21:35:24 <pissedbuddha_> cya
Sep 05 21:35:30 <spr0k3t> wavies all! good turn out tonight
Sep 05 21:35:35 <PenguinistaKC> Does anyone have anything of interest
from LUG meetings?
Sep 05 21:35:35 <pissedbuddha_> yup
Sep 05 21:35:44 <nilihanth> cya Kent
Sep 05 21:35:52 <pissedbuddha_> im not part of any LUGs, so I dont know.
Sep 05 21:35:57 <PenguinistaKC> And if not, are there folks in KC / St.
Louis / elsewhere who would be willing to serve as a liaison from our
group to local LUGs?
Sep 05 21:36:11 <theflavor> i have been to a few lug meetings in
springfield a few years back
Sep 05 21:36:50 <PenguinistaKC> One of our goals is to see if we can get
at a LUG back in service down there...it's the third largest metro area
in the state, after all.
Sep 05 21:37:07 <theflavor> most of the time it was 1-2 people
demostrating some application and some small talk before/after
Sep 05 21:37:29 <pissedbuddha_> so how come it cant be more than that?
Sep 05 21:37:43 <PenguinistaKC> I believe we have at least two members
who are from Springfield now, and I recently got an e-mail from someone
else in Springfield who was asking for some assistance.
Sep 05 21:37:55 <pissedbuddha_> sorry.... im getting burnt out....
Sep 05 21:38:52 <PenguinistaKC> Let me clarify that by "liaison," I
don't mean you have to do a bunch of paperwork, or be at every meeting,
or anything like that. This LoCo should not even resemble work, since no
one gets paid for it.
Sep 05 21:39:27 <RobDaGlob> I'm a member of the St. Charles LUG (near
St. Louis)
Sep 05 21:39:54 <RobDaGlob> I could be the liason for that group
Sep 05 21:39:54 <PenguinistaKC> Basically, what I would hope to see is
one or more folks who are willing to introduce themselves to the local
LUG, maybe show up at some parties or meetings, be a source of free CDs
as necessary, and be able to point folks to launchpad if they are
interested in Ubuntu.
Sep 05 21:39:55 <pissedbuddha_> I suppose i should look in to gjoining
one of those LUGS
Sep 05 21:40:11 <pissedbuddha_> joining
Sep 05 21:40:28 <jbrouhard> KCLUG is a joke so don't bother joining KC
LUG :)
Sep 05 21:40:38 <jbrouhard> sometimes they are.. they're so disorganized
it's not funny
Sep 05 21:40:57 <theflavor> that statement isn't going to help...
Sep 05 21:41:03 <pissedbuddha_> and what does KC stand for?
Sep 05 21:41:07 <theflavor> kansas city
Sep 05 21:41:08 <jbrouhard> Kansas City
Sep 05 21:41:09 <pissedbuddha_> o
Sep 05 21:41:16 <PenguinistaKC> If you want to get more active, then go
for it, but if you are anything like me, you've probably already got
families, jobs, etc.
Sep 05 21:41:28 <PenguinistaKC> And btw, KCLUG is not a joke at all.
Sep 05 21:41:40 <jbrouhard> they seem like it at times.
Sep 05 21:41:42 <PenguinistaKC> It has been around for over ten years
precisely because it is not centrally controlled.
Sep 05 21:41:51 <PenguinistaKC> Just like Kahlua in Kansas
Sep 05 21:42:11 <PenguinistaKC> The folks who are there are there
because they want to be, and a lot of them have "wanted to be" for going
on ten years now.
Sep 05 21:42:23 <PenguinistaKC> By any measure, KCLUG is a success.
Sep 05 21:42:35 <PenguinistaKC> It just has its own way of doing things.
Sep 05 21:42:39 <nilihanth> well ladies, I gots ta go
Sep 05 21:42:49 <PenguinistaKC> Anyway, thanks RobDaGlob
Sep 05 21:42:57 <jbrouhard> see ya milo
Sep 05 21:43:00 <theflavor> kclug was supposed to have a meeting tonight
at 5:30
Sep 05 21:43:06 <pissedbuddha_> cya
Sep 05 21:43:06 <nilihanth> cya guys
Sep 05 21:43:13 <-- nilihanth has quit ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
Sep 05 21:43:29 <theflavor>
Sep 05 21:43:39 <theflavor> i created this calendar to keep track of kc
Sep 05 21:44:01 <PenguinistaKC> I used to go pretty regularly and always
enjoyed it.
Sep 05 21:44:44 <PenguinistaKC> Kudos to theflavor for creating that
calendar -- I had no idea there was a lug in Blue Springs until you put
it on there. Thanks!
Sep 05 21:44:50 <RobDaGlob> Well guys, I have to get back to my school
project now.....due tomorrow!! :-(
Sep 05 21:45:13 <RobDaGlob> I'll channel lurk for awhile...
Sep 05 21:45:15 <pissedbuddha_> how do I access this conversations log?
Sep 05 21:45:30 <theflavor> it should be posted on the wiki after the
Sep 05 21:45:39 <pissedbuddha_> no no the log I recorded
Sep 05 21:45:45 <pissedbuddha_> weres the file?
Sep 05 21:45:53 <pissedbuddha_> I use gnome xchart
Sep 05 21:45:57 <pissedbuddha_> xchat
Sep 05 21:45:57 <theflavor> depends on your client
Sep 05 21:46:13 <PenguinistaKC> OK, we're done. Let me throw one more
thing out. I occasionally get e-mails from recruiters who are interested
in finding recruits in their areas. I hesitate to put them out on the
regular mailing list because I don't want it to become a recruiting
tool. However, if you are interested in getting information about
recruiting opportunities, please shoot me an e-mail at
mcopple at kcopensource.org and I
Sep 05 21:46:18 <PenguinistaKC> will forward it to you.
Sep 05 21:46:36 <pissedbuddha_> ok
Sep 05 21:46:42 <PenguinistaKC> pissedbuddha-: It is in the .xchat folder
Sep 05 21:46:59 <PenguinistaKC> I received one from a St. Louis
recruiter tonight. Any takers?
Sep 05 21:47:33 <pissedbuddha_> ok I founbd it thanks
Sep 05 21:48:14 <pissedbuddha_> so where do I send the log?
Sep 05 21:48:49 <PenguinistaKC> send it to sr0k3t at gmail.com and copy it
to the mailing list ubuntu-us-mo at lists.ubuntu.com
Sep 05 21:49:17 <pissedbuddha_> 'and how would I copy it to the mailing
Sep 05 21:49:26 <jbrouhard> carbon copy
Sep 05 21:49:34 <PenguinistaKC> sorry, that is spr0k3t at gmail.com
Sep 05 21:49:37 <PenguinistaKC> I left out the "p"
Sep 05 21:50:00 <jbrouhard> lol
Sep 05 21:50:06 <pissedbuddha_> so I send an email to the mailing lists
email address as well (sorry im a bit confused)
Sep 05 21:50:11 <PenguinistaKC> Actually, the list will probably reject
an attachment, so you may just want to copy it into the body of an
e-mail before snding it to the list
Sep 05 21:50:17 <PenguinistaKC> Yes, please
Sep 05 21:50:27 <pissedbuddha_> ok
Sep 05 21:50:34 <pissedbuddha_> thanks for telling me that\

Thats basically everything.
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