[ubuntu-us-mo] FOR SALE: Several computer parts and servers

Joe Brouhard jbrouhard at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 05:36:37 BST 2007

I'm in the process of getting rid of a large majority of the
computers/parts I do have laying around.

Here we go:

1) Dell PowerEdge 6450  Quad Xeon 900Mhz, 8GB RAM, 2x 18GB SCSI Drives
(it has 4 drive bays, so there are 2 with no drives).  This system is
known working and I have successfully installed linux on it in the
past.  Tho you gotta go the boot floppy method, as for some reason,
liveCDs don't install linux on it (it only installed Windows off the
CD for some odd reason).  This is a really sweet box if you are
looking to do builds or even major hosting.

2)  2x AMD Athlon 1400+ machines.  Both 1GB RAM.  However, one system
has onboard NIC and Video, and I'm pretty sure the other system

One machine comes with an ATI Radeon 7200 128MB AGP card, 60GB Hard
Drive, CD-RW.

second machine (build in video and NIC) comes with 40GB Drive and CD-ROM.

3) Pentium II 400Mhz machine w/ SCSI Controller and 18GB SCSI Drive.
512MB PC100 RAM installed.

I can deliver all these machines to KC metro area as well as Omaha,
NE.  However anything outside 2 hours of driving time will require me
to ship it.  Shipping on the PowerEdge is upwards $100 or more.

If you have questions or comments, please let me know.  Also, please
forward to any lists you think might be interested in this equipment.
Thank you.

Joe Brouhard
jbrouhard at gmail.com

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