[ubuntu-us-mo] Gutsy Impressions

Matthew Copple mcopple at kcopensource.org
Wed Nov 7 20:29:05 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 08:04 -0800, Joe Brouhard wrote:
> Okay, i tried it on my Toshiba Satelite to dual boot.
> Impressed.  One problem.
> Wireless-B is still not fixed.  I screamed up a storm with one of
> their devs and all he said was "sorry, but wireless-b is not
> mainstream anymore. we're not supporting it."  or something to that
> effect.  Several users told me that it shouldn't mater.. wireless-b
> and wireless-g are the same thing?  Not even.

When we talked about it on gtalk the other night, I don't think I
figured out exactly what you are experiencing. Are you not getting
signal? Bad signal quality? Not pulling an IP? What are the specifics?


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