[ubuntu-us-mo] Ubuntu-us-mo Digest, Vol 5, Issue 1

Jason Novinger jnovinger at truman.edu
Wed Nov 7 16:40:17 GMT 2007

Worth a shot.

But, can anyone really live without Javascript anymore?  I mean let's
be civilized. ;-)


On 11/7/07, Joe Brouhard <jbrouhard at gmail.com> wrote:
> This doesn't sound like a firefox bug.  I'd check to see which java
> package was installed.  I had this problem ages ago in Gentoo, and
> frankly the fix was a convulted c-f.
> Should be easier to fix her,e but i'd try disabling javascript.  see
> if you can't get anything done without it, and see if the problem
> crops up with java disabled.
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> Joe Brouhard
> jbrouhard at gmail.com
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