[ubuntu-us-mo] Gutsy impressions

Alex Fleak afleak at swbell.net
Wed Nov 7 05:26:03 GMT 2007

Until Fedora and Suse drop the nasty rpm packages I will never consider  using them. 
Too many years spent in dependancy hell. 
I agree that Gutsy does need some new artwork, but it is pretty simple  to change gnome themes so that isn't much of a problem. 
As for the monitor setup problems. The screens and graphics app needs  some work. I instead use nvidia-settings to set them up. It does an  excellent job for me. 
I am quite impressed with many of the changes in Gutsy. Network manager  finally behaves like it should. Suspend is now working great on my  thinkpad. Feisty was a nightmare in that regard. 

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