[ubuntu-us-mo] Ubuntu-us-mo Digest, Vol 5, Issue 1

Jesse C. Slicer jslicer at spamcop.net
Tue Nov 6 15:26:56 GMT 2007

I can happily say that my Pentium 4 laptop has had Vista erased from  
it for all time and replaced with Gutsy.  Everything has been working  
without a hitch with the exception of my first test in which I  
installed a couple of restricted drivers -- one for the ATI video card  
in the lappy and the other for the built-in modem; it kept me from  
being able to boot up at all.  But since then, smooooooooth as silk.

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>    1.  Impressions of Gutsy? (Matthew Copple)
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> Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 20:44:31 -0600
> From: Matthew Copple <mcopple at kcopensource.org>
> Subject: [ubuntu-us-mo] Impressions of Gutsy?
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> Now that we are a few weeks out from the Gutsy release, I'm curious to
> hear the impressions Missouri users have about the newest Ubuntu.
> I have been a busy boy the last few weeks. In addition to Gutsy, I also
> decided to try several other distributions on my trusty laptop to see if
> I still felt that Ubuntu deserved its place on my hard drive.
> The only two distros I felt gave any competition to Ubuntu were Fedora 7
> ("moonshine") and OpenSuse 10.3, which came out just a week or so before
> Gutsy debuted.
> Fedora: The artwork can't be beaten. Fedora was snappy and rock-stable.
> I was extremely impressed. However, it still has all the old annoyances
> -- getting non-free software still requires grubbing around websites to
> find repos, pup/yum still has reliability problems when working with
> multiple repos, and SELinux is overkill for a desktop.
> OpenSUSE: Almost perfect. They worked overtime on the user interface,
> and it shows. Instead of a list of categories, you instead get a large
> "menu board" which shows most-used and key desktop programs, along with
> a tab that allows you to see the rest of your programs when you want. By
> far, it is the best menuing system I have ever used. SUSE gives you the
> option of installing java, flash, and acrobat during the distro install,
> which saves a lot of grief. However, figuring out how to enable XGL and
> Compiz is still non-trivial -- one has to go to the SuSE wiki and search
> for instructions. Once you get there, though, they have a fantastic
> "one-click" install which automatically downloads and installs nvidia,
> and enables XGL all in one fell swoop. The major problem with SuSE is
> performance -- the distro ran like molasses on my laptop (which is a
> Core duo with 1G of memory and 256MB Nvidia GO! -- no slouch!), with and
> wthout xgl enabled. YAST2 is a technological marvel, but it is difficult
> to figure out how to use. The desktop is beautiful, even without XGL
> enabled; they've clearly done a lot of font work as well.
> Ubuntu: Pros -- still the snappiest performance of any distribution I've
> used so far. The desktop responds extremely quickly and is stable. The
> restricted drivers manager makes advanced X setup a breeze, and the
> plugin work on Firefox really makes a difference. The sheer volume of
> software readily available is a reason in itself to go with Ubuntu. Cons
> -- Ubuntu's desktop has outlived its usefulness. The same old brown
> "human" theme was innovative in Breezy and Dapper, but is now old news.
> It doesn't help that I really despise the color brown. When I tried to
> attach an external monitor to the laptop, it completely screwed my X
> settings for the LCD screen, setting it to 1024x768, 16bit color depth
> (1014x768 on a 1440x900 widescreen -- eww!), and could not configure the
> second monitor correctly either (although it is an ancient, but
> well-supported NEC MultiSync 1530v LCD monitor). There is a LOT more
> work to be done in the dual-monitor area. Compiz is still a work in
> progress -- it was rock solid on both Fedora and SuSE, but produces
> weird artifacts and occasional strange window behavior in Ubuntu.
> My verdict: Ubuntu wins this year, but not by nearly the margin one
> would expect of such a popular desktop. The fact that they can't get out
> of the artwork rut (or choose not to, whatever the case may be), and the
> still-weak performance of Compiz (especially when compared to Suse and
> RedHat) stops me from wholeheartedly recommending it. However, I will be
> the first to admit that in ease of use and configuration, no
> distribution can match, let alone exceed, Ubuntu Gutsy. In the Battle of
> the Linux General Purpose Desktop, Ubuntu is the clear favorite.
> Your thoughts?
> Matthew Copple
> mcopple at kcopensource.org
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