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Hello Fellow Xubunteros,

I have been coordinating the ISO testing for Xubuntu since February of
this year, and while it has really helped me to learn more about the
release cycle, I am going to be changing jobs soon, and will not have
as much free time.  I'm also trying to contribute more to Xubuntu
documentation, and that takes up my time, too.  With those things in
mind, I'm looking for someone who would be available to coordinate
pre-release ISO testing for Xubuntu.

The good news is that this is technically a very easy task.  It just
requires an interest in testing and some time immediately prior to a
release.  Things can get hectic on the days leading up to milestone
release day, but it is otherwise not too difficult.

A couple points:
- I will still test, but I just won't be able to coordinate testing
- It's not happening immediately.  My new job starts on September 24th.
- I'll help transition things to whoever wants to take this over.  You
won't have to learn things from scratch.

Who woud be good for this role?  Here's a few qualities and attributes
that would be helpful for someone interested in being the ISO test
- An interest in testing pre-release versions of Xubuntu
- A basic knowledge of the overall Xubuntu release cycle
- A computer with a cd burner and a decent (i.e., not dial-up)
internet connection
- A spare computer, hard drive, or disk partition on which they would
be willing to perform a test installation of Xubuntu
- Preferred: I think it's easier for a test coordinator to coordinate
things if they live in Europe (UTC-200 to UTC+500).  This isn't a
requirement, but a person in Europe would be at home in the evening
when test coordination activity is ramping up, and it's much easier to
coordinate activity from home than from the grocery store or your job.
- Optional: Test coordination could even be shared amongst a few people.

If you're interested in heading ths up, please let me know.  If you
aren't interested in leading things yourself, please mention this to
your appropriate local community teams in case someone else may be



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