[ubuntu-us-mo] Task Project for the team

Kent Seaton spr0k3t at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 20:46:33 BST 2007

Okay everyone.  I have a task for each of you.  What I would like to do is
have everyone pick a couple LoCo teams that have been around for a while and
look over the ideas and projects.  Don't hesitate to go over any projects
that are done.  Also, I'd like for everyone to look through their LoCo wikis
and see if you find anything we should look at as a consideration for
projects of our own.

Some of the bigger Wikis include Arizona, Utah, Colorado, UK, Australian.

There are others, but that's off the top of my head.  This is to help with
brain storming on the mailing list to try and build projects to become an
official Team.

As a side note... all of the wiki pages we have use the CategoryMissouriTeam
so they can all be found when you go to
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryMissouriTeam with the exception of the
include wiki pages.  Feel free to review what is online for the team and
suggest/make corrections if needed.
Kent Seaton
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