[ubuntu-us-mn] Access to last 4 copy/pastes in Ubuntu?

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Thu Mar 29 12:24:13 UTC 2012

Recently I came across a comment about
access to the last 4(?) copy/paste strings in Linux.

I think it was via a "K" widget on the status line of the desktop.

Does anyone know how to do this in Ubuntu? I'm using Ubuntu version
10.06 but plan to install the new long term support version at the
install fest next month.

Sorry I dont have specific reference to where I saw this.  I just
thought of it again when I needed to copy two things from one place
to another (and was not easy to go back an forth) I copied one to
an editor temporarily where I could more easily come get it after
doing the second.  It would be handy to be able to copy several
things and the paste them.

BTW my post here requesting a
"discussion of the relative merits of Ubuntu vs Mint
and in particular of the Gnome desktop vs the Unity Desktop"
got no replies.

I'd still be interested in this particularly before the installfest.
Unfortunately I will not be able to be at the
Penguins Unbound http://penguinsunbound.org/
meeting on Saturday.


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