[ubuntu-us-mn] Help to determine if database error is OS specific, or other issue. Thanks!

tpkyteroo luebeck tp.game.s at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 14:24:53 UTC 2012


I need someone who also has an XP OS to check to see if they also get a
database error when visiting my forum. I also would like this check done on
Ubuntu too (especially older Ubuntu versions). I only have Windows 7 here
and none of them get a database error. And yes, I did put in support
request at SMF. I just need to know if this is OS specific when they
upgraded their forum, or if its a php error on their end or whatever.

Many Thanks!

The Link:
This forum is a "invite only" forum with the only members I'm having, so
I'm not advertising. lol

The History:
I did a repair on forum, but it found no errors.
One check I did found:  Slightly outdated personal messages php. (2.0
instead of 2.0.2)

hxxp:globalwritersclub.com/smf/index.php. [nonactive] Link to forum.

But the forum maintenance says:
No errors found. I tried it again, and same thing.

However, he now sees the login page, but still gives same errors. And, I
was able to log in using his details with no issues on kid's computer. Also
the error log in the php says the same error. But Maintenance logs says NO

Also, I have no mods added to board.

PHP: 5.3.10
MySQL version    5.1.63-cll
Architecture    x86_64
Operating system    linux
Installed using Softaculous on cPanel Version 11.32.3 (build 19)

Computer details of His (issues): Windows XP, Screen Size: 1024x600.
Netbook, 10" screen. He scrolls and has no issues viewing other content and
other php databases on his netbook with it being that size. (His computer
is the only one having issues. His computer is 32-bit.

Kid's computer is Windows 7, 32-bit (no issues.)
Mine is Windows 7, 64-bit (no issues.)

Last Edit:
1) I did remove ALLsub-boards that were of sub-boards. (I had more then 3
layers previously).

2) I also made more categories to split up the boards more and have less
tree branches.
Category: Xavex
Board: Xavex Shoppes (6 boards total)
Child: Clothing. (no more then 3 child boards here, but another board has 6
There is no Child of a Child anymore.

3) I renamed all titles and descriptions that contained
Code: [Select]

 &, :, `

. I hadn't meant to title anything with an "&" in the first place, but
forgot to replace it with "and". [image: :P]

4) There is no more scrolling to find boards, within the forum layout.

Does this need to go over to bugs? My dad will check to see if the same
issue happens on my mom's old Mac. I am trying to find another person with
an XP to see if they get the same problem, so we can rule out the OS.

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