[ubuntu-us-mn] Ubuntu vs Mint vs Gnome [was: General Intro / Digest

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Wed Feb 29 17:38:37 UTC 2012

On Wed, 29 Feb 2012, Kenneth Lynes wrote:

> Hi, I dont know if I am doing this correctly or not, but it feels right so
> far.

I would encourage "Digest mode" subscribers to restore the subject line
to reflect the subject of the message when they reply - Re: <original subject>
if that is is a descriptive subject line.

I would encourage everyone to delete quoted material and only leave as much as
is needed to set context.  (Full messages are available in the archives.)

> In response to the writer and the answer as to what distro might be nice to
> try for someone just coming over from windows, I would agree that Linux Mint
> is the way to go now.

I'd like to see more discussion of the relative merits of Ubuntu vs Mint
and in particular of the Gnome desktop vs the Unity Desktop.
This is particularly relevant since a major new release of Ubuntu
(LTS - Long Term Support version) is due in about a month and the next
Penguins Unbound  meeting http://penguinsunbound.org/  will be an
installfest.  Maywe could have a little presentation about this
at the beginning of the installfest?

I expect it will be possible to install the new Ubuntu (12.04) with Gnome
which is another option.

I only install the LTS version of Ubuntu so this will be the firt time
I have to decide whether to stick with Gnome or whatever, so I am
particularly interested in this topic.

Can anyone address how the Ubuntu and Mint communites are relating?
Does anyone object to using the ubuntu-us-mn list to discuss this topic?
I hope not but organizational rivalries pop up that I would not expect.
BTW Penguins Unbound is not Ubuntu specific tho many participants
use Ubuntu and the timing of Penguins Unbound Installfests is based on
Ubuntu releases.


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