[ubuntu-us-mn] Firefox crashing on Google st view

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Wed Nov 17 16:07:59 GMT 2010

I finally got Ubuntu 10.04 installed at the installfest a few
weeks ago.  I've got it configured fairly well to my liking and
that included installing Flash with
Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package)

It mostly works but it seems to consistantly crash when I am
in Google street view and right click (to zoom in for example).
The Firefox window does not change but becomes unresponsive.
Sometimes I am able to get to another application by clicking
on it, sometimes not(?).   Alt tab has always worked to get to
other app which works fine when I get there.

Once in the terminal (not full screen so I can stil see part of the
Firefox window) if I click on Firefox window:
o the Firefox tab up top gets highlighted
o Terminal windo does not go away
o I have to go to terminal's tab to get back to it. (clicking on it
  does not go to it)

Clicking on Firefox's close button has gotten the "not responding"
window and allowed me to quit it. (at least sometimes -
once I killed it from the command line but may have failed
to try the close button).

Anyone else get these symptoms?  Any ideas?
For no the workaround is "dont right clcik from Street view" ...

PS I will not be at the 10am Sat Nov 20 PGLNX meeting (date and time
wrong in body of announcement (ok on subj line)).


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