[ubuntu-us-mn] Any other installfests?

Caleb Langeslag takyoji at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 06:12:35 BST 2010

I've tweaked the "Upcoming Events" page (
http://ubuntu-minnesota.org/events ) on the Ubuntu Minnesota LoCo
website to reflect upon the dates and times of 10.04 installfests. The
only one I know at hand right now is of the Penguins Unbound
installfest, hence updated the date. As for content I wasn't sure of,
I simply put in a HTML comment for now. Feel free to point out any
mistakes, and also please reply with information of a Minnesota
installfest that isn't yet listed. As a sidenote, I'm still working on
finding a location for a potential installfest in Faribault; I finally
wrote an email to someone in the community whom may have an idea.
Thus, as implied, there is a chance of an installfest for the south
part of Minnesota.

Lastly: Bonus points to anyone that wants to tweak the CSS of the
Drupal theme of the Ubuntu Minnesota LoCo website. Information on the
Bazaar branch at:
If not, I'll eventually get around to fixing it myself (such as the
unintended borders between navigational elements, and other minor
aesthetic modifications).

Caleb Langeslag

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