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Sat Mar 20 20:53:01 GMT 2010

Newbie Question here:

Can one install Ubuntu 9.04 on an ancient piece of crap computer pre-2000
hardware with WinME crap, and crap graphics? I've not made it to an install
fest yet only because either I can't get a ride, monitor dies, no computer,
or I get sick. Currently have a bad cold and an equally bad computer. lol
Got a used ancient Dell desktop, built for checking email once a month and
not much else -  from Uncle and Aunt while I save to buy a NEW system76

Comment: I surely hope that Ubuntu does NOT go the way of MS and release
things before their time again, or I'll be forced to switch to not quite as
crappy Mac, as I suck at updating anything. Yuck! I stand to inherit a Mac
Laptop, that will stay Mac, but Ubuntu is the only OS for programming (even
though my programming is worse than MS, Gedit can't be beat!) I intend to
keep an Ubuntu OS on something that works.

signed one who hopes to make it to an install fest!

TPKyteroo jaunting off to the Galactic Trig...

http://www.globalwritersclub.com/gaming/2/word/scrambled/de/trial.html Click
here if you want a good laugh at my programming skills. JS code does not
work, and I'm sure I've made many syntax errors. lol
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