[ubuntu-us-mn] Just a humorous thought...

tpkyteroo luebeck tp.game.s at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 18:43:09 BST 2010

If we Linux users were to enmasse, buy Microsoft stock and then the majority
sell it on MS incorporation date, and have the minorty Linux people who have
more money, buy all those stocks, and more, we could have a hostile takeover
of Microsoft. LOL MS would have their stocks plumet.  But because of insider
trading rules and other rules I'm sure exists, this is only meant to amuse
and humour. I can't buy stock anyways. lol I do not work for MS or any of
their competitors. Anyways, their stock is already quite low.

TPKyteroo jaunting off to the Galactic Trig...

http://www.globalwritersclub.com (under construction, but some things up.)
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