[ubuntu-us-mn] awd102n installation question

tpkyteroo luebeck tp.game.s at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 16:20:24 BST 2010

Ok, its suppose to work right out of the box, but how do you get it to work?
Does this mean that I do not need to install the driver?  I'm on Ubuntu
10.04 and want to get desktop working for coffee shop's wifi, but am at home
with a secured router, linkSys buggy 1000E. So, how do I go about doing
that? My research gave em a Chinese forum that told me in english that it
works out of the box, but I couldn't read anything else as they reverted
back to chinese. ;) Had it been a non-asian language, I could have figured
it out maybe. But...chinese? No! LOL

You are dealing with a newbie so asume I know nothing and you will be
correct. Thanks!

TPKyteroo jaunting off to the Galactic Trig...

http://www.globalwritersclub.com (under construction, but some things up.)
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