[ubuntu-us-mn] Annomalous disk nearly full report

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Sun Dec 12 19:05:33 GMT 2010

                        BTW the 'anomalous' is mispelled in my subj line.
Thanks for the reply.

On Sun, 12 Dec 2010, Richard Laager wrote:

> The fact that the disk check and second reboot freed up a bunch of space
> sounds weird. That said, I'd look at file usage first. Either that will
> reveal the problem or it will give you more evidence of a wacky
> filesystem bug.
> If you have GNOME installed, try running `baobab` (a.k.a Accessories ->
> Disk Usage Analyzer). Otherwise, you'll have to do it yourself with
> `du`.

I have concluded that the error message is in error. I tried to
summarize the problem when I posted but guess I did not make that clear.
I did use baobab tho it was not too useful because it's numbers include
filesystems (other partitions) that are mounted or linked form the one
being examined.  I did not see a way to limit the analysis to one
partition (short of undoing the mounting and links which would be a
pain to do and restore.

Thanks for the suggestion of "du" ; I had not remembered it. Next time
I see this error, I'll be better prepared to investigate.
I've added 'du' to a section in my notes I dont use some of them
often enough to remember them:

FILE STRUCTURE related commands ***
  df            report file system disk space usage
  sudo fdisk -l show partitions
  mount -l      show mounted partitions
  cat fstab     show file fstab  (has descriptive
                info about the various file systems.
  ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid   show uuid's of partitions
  du -          estimate file space usage
  Gnome tool: baobab ( Accessories -> Disk Usage Analyzer)

BTW the error message has a curious option something like
"ignore this error in future".  As tho sometimes it comes up and
it is appropriate to ignore it?


> Richard

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