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jay curry rusty at curry.net
Fri Apr 9 12:55:39 BST 2010

Some of you may be attending Anime Detour the last full weekend this month,
April 23-25. If so and you are in an evangelizing mood for Ubuntu, I've
requested some of the leftover Ubunchu Manga books and artist literature
from Martin Owens (DoctorMO) from the Anime Boston Convention.

If you don't know what Anime Detour is, I know a few people who would be
disappointed to hear that, but that's OK. It's a small convention compared
to something like ComiCon, but one of the larger volunteer run conventions
around with a cap this year of 4500 attendees. The focus (I'm sure you can
figure it out, but...) is Anime, with at least 4 different rooms showing
Anime through the entire convention, an artist alley, art show and auction,
dealers room and well, pretty much everything you might expect from an Anime
convention, including some great guests.

I'm there on staff for photography and communications, and may be helping
with guest relations from time to time.

If you would like to help distribute Ubunchu manga, and artist literature,
and you are registered, let me know, and we can work out a time to meet and
get things set up. I may be left looking for the freebie table and
restocking that as the manga is picked up, which would work as well. Since
the event is before the release date for 10.04, I'm planning on burning and
including a 9.10 cd with as many of the manga as I can.

If I have leftover copies after the convention, possible, I will be making
those available at CONvergence the first full weekend in July (1-4.) Again
primarily through the freebie table as I'm not prepared to set up a table
specifically for the material and staffing it for the weekend. I will be
helping to run the Volunteer department, and doing a lot more than just
attending the convention.

Thank you,

-Rusty - kc0vcu - Jay Curry
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