[ubuntu-us-mn] Keyboard chord-capable terminal program

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Tue Apr 6 00:55:19 BST 2010

I've been using Linux for my desktop since 2003, Ubuntu 8.10 currently. I
seldom use a word processor. I use a text editor extensively. But I am
still using a 1994 version of an MSDOS editor -- it's old but
familiar, customized, capable. (I've tried but never been able to accept
Vim or Emacs)  I run the editor with Xdosemu.

Now a Linux native version of TSE is being developed but there is a
problem implementing one feature as a terminal program. While editor has
a menu system, most functions are assigned to combinations of Shift,
Control and ALt keys with other keys - sometimes called "chords".
However most Linux terminal programs like Gnome Terminal do not return
sufficient information from key presses to utilize many combinations,
for example Alt Backspace.

Xdosemu does return most enough information to make chords possible.

Anyone know of a way to use keyboard chords with Linux terminal programs?
Or a terminal program that allows this?


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