[ubuntu-us-mn] File based app execution

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Mon Sep 7 16:10:29 BST 2009

In a file browser like Nautilus one can click on a file name and the
application appropriate to that file is used to open that file.
Can this be done from the command line ?

If there is, I could write an editor macro to call it...
I have long had an editor macro that allows me to open a text file
whose path and name is on the line the edit cursor is on.  This makes it
very easy to organize and access files.  Typically with some description
on the same line.

I'd like to extend this to other kinds of files - .jpg, .pdf, .htm etc
I've experimented to find a way to do this for one file extension /
application but it would be nice to build on the existing extension /
application association info etc rather than rebuilding such


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